This is the Example of the Four Strongest Red Hair Girls in Japanese Comics


Red is the color of courage and strength. Many mangaka that display the characters with these characteristics. Here are four of the strongest red hair girl characters in Japanese comics.

The female character will be depicted as having red hair turns and is very strong. These red hair girls are also pretty and attractive in its own way. Want to know who they are? Here's the discussion.


Morgiana (Magi)

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The descendants of the red lion clan are the only races unaffected by the effects of hypnotic magic waves. They are called fanalists and all clan members are born with red hair. Morgiana can lift 7 people at once and destroy the opponent with the strength of his legs. Her sense of hearing and smell is very sharp. He is a member of Alibaba's Amin Jinn container.

The container held in the form of a chain bracelet mounted on both legs. The chains can emit fire like wings phoenix to make it fly. Morgiana did not really show her emotions because she had been a slave for 16 years. After being saved Alibaba and Aladdin his attitude changed little by little to become more cheerful and excited.


Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Has the nickname Titania (Queen of the Elves). The most powerful woman in the witch's union Fairy Tail . Erza is a skilled magician in the art of swords. He can make hundreds of swords in different sizes and shapes along with his armor. Erza also controls martial arts and is nimble in combat. Erza has an optimistic and unyielding attitude.

He is very fond of his teachers and friends to be willing to sacrifice for them. Though impressed arrogant for being overconfident, Erza never underestimated his opponent. He hates it when someone sneaks a name Fairy Tail .


Shana (Shakugan no Shana)

A girl who contracts with Alastor (God of Heavenly Fire) to become Flame Haze . His nickname is 'Red-eyed Hunter Lit.' Her black hair turns red everytime using Alastor's powers. He fights using a katana that has the same name as him. Shana can expel all the forces of heaven's fire to the highest level, calling the true figure of Alastor to the world.

Despite his heavy duty, Shana did not feel depressed at all. She goes through her daily life as a normal schoolboy who likes melon cakes. His character has changed only in the face of a fate that has been predestined between Flame Haze with Denizen . In the final battle, Shana must face her own lover, Yuuji Sakai. In order to save the world, Shana must make a tough decision.


Sakura (Naruto)

After learning from Tsunade for two years, Sakura transformed from a weak and crybaby girl into a strong woman. His fist is capable of destroying homes, soil and even killing in one attack. Sakura had a habit of saying "Shaannaroo" every time she shot a punch. Sakura took advantage of her intelligence to master the medical stance of Tsunade. After studying hard, a split-shaped mark appeared on his forehead. The sign was called Byakugo.

Anyone who has it means it has mastered the peak of the ability to control a very large chakra. With that power, Sakura summoned Katsuya (Giant Snail) to heal the wounded shinobi during the great war. At the end of Naruto's story, Sakura managed to marry her idol since childhood, Sasuke. They had a daughter named Sarada.

Here are four of the strongest red hair girls in Japanese comics. Of course, this number is only a few of the many characters with this hair color. Who else do you know? Convey in the comment field!

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