This is the Achievement of the Seven Hokage! Who Deserves to be Called the Best Leader?


Share your opinion! Seven Konoha Hokage have their own achievements and achievements, but also have their own political intrigue. Judging from the achievements and achievements, who is the best Hokage you think?

The village of Konoha has a leader who is certainly no doubt his greatness and ability both in terms of leadership and fighting. From the track record they have done, you must have a preference as to who is the best hokage. This is the explanation of the seven Konoha Hokages.


Hashirama Senju

Hashirama Senju is a shinobi not only famous in Konoha as the founding father of Konoha, but also famous during the clan warfare in the shinobi world.

He is said to have such godlike prowess dubbed as one of the God of Shinobi . The main advantage of Hashirama Senju is his enormous vision of peace in the shinobi world.

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Of the many shinobi who fought during the clan war, only Hashirama later sparked a forerunner of peace by offering a truce with the Uchiha clan.

Hashirama's ideology and vision, though influenced by his ancestral Asura, later became a role model and was called a fire determination in the village of Konoha. The ideology teaches that love is the key to peace.

Not stopping at the internal village of Konoha, Hashirama also brought his philosophy as an inter-state political approach.

Despite Konoha's priority, Hashirama strives for good relations and good relations with other countries. Evident from his negotiation with other Kage to divide Jinchuriki into all villages on the grounds of equity. This may not have been done if at that time Konoha was led by someone else.

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In terms of fighting ability, Hashirama certainly has no doubt. He was the greatest shinobi back then. As a timber element user, Hashirama can also control the tail monsters.

He did not hesitate to fight desperately to save the village from Madara's attack. Overall Hashirama is a visionary, idealist, and volunteer Hoklage for the sake of the village.


Tobirama Senju

No less genius with his brother, Hashirama, Tobirama also became Hokage with a myriad of achievements. Tobirama succeeded his brother who died during the First Shinobi World War, although to this day Hashirama's death is still a mystery cause.

Tobirama continued Hashirama's great vision to pursue peace by strengthening village welfare.

Though not much is said of Tobirama, he is a genius planner. Important institutions began to be established and built during the reign of Tobirama, such as the ninja academy, Anbu, chūnin test, discipleship using the 3-person system, and Konoha Military Police comprising the Uchiha clan.

In addition, he also instilled a philosophy that the interests of the villagers and the villagers themselves were above the clan's interests, previously highly regarded in the clan's warfare.

There is not much intrigue going on in the village. Tobirama accommodated all the clans including his former enemies in the past, the Uchiha clan by creating a military police organization. Judging from its foreign policy, Tobirama also encouraged cooperation and peace.

The one known is his encounter with the Second Raikage of Kumogakure village.

Judging from the greatness of the fight, Tobirama is a great shinobi. Danzo says that he is the greatest shinobi of his day and no one can defeat him.

Tobirama mastered all the elements as well as created various kinds of jutsu, including the favorite Naruto Kage Bunshin, Edo Tensei being a forbidden jutsu, and Hiraishin no Jutsu popularized by Minato.

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