This is Proof Why The New Form Goku is Super Saiyan White!


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<h4> From Akira Toriyama's wish to some hints from the latest promo poster, here's a testament to why Goku's new form is Super Saiyan Putih! </h4>
<p> Of late, <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> promises something of great interest to fans: <em> new </em> Goku form! Yes, previously given some <em> teaser </em> in the form of a poster showing Goku with <em> new </em> form-which has also been confirmed by anime producer <em> Dragon Ball Super </em>that Goku is really, will actually get <em> new </em> form. Well, surely, you must be wondering: what would it be like <em> new </em> Goku form in [DragonBallSuper<em> </em> later? Is it … <em> Super Saiyan White </em>? </p>
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There has been no confirmation of what form Goku's next new-course, so fans are curious about the continuation of the Dragon Ball Super anime. Even so, if I may guess, it seems that Goku will have form in the form of Super Saiyan Putih. Why is it white? Here are some reasons why I think that Goku's latest form is the White Super Saiyan:

Akira Toriyama Wants to Make Super Saiyan Colored White

Before the appearance of Super Saiyan Blue (or Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan) in Revival of F in an interview along with creator Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama, Toriyama himself once said that he wants form Super Saiyan next white color.

At that time, Toyotaro who worked on the manga Dragon Ball Super was given the opportunity to ask him anything about the manga he did to Toriyama. Toyotaro also used the opportunity to say: "My question is really trivial so I'm a bit embarrassed to ask it, but … why Super Saiyan Blue has blue hair?"

Toriyama answered as follows:

"In Battle of Gods the color of his hair was red, so I was thinking of making a blue color for Revival of F . That's how ( laughed ). Actually, I had thought to make it white but the color would be similar to 'next enemy' (Frieza) … so, I thought I would use it (white color) at a later time. "

Dragon Ball Super itself now the story is far past Golden Frieza Saga (film Revival of F ). And if because Goku will have new form, then we can assume that Toriyama will eventually give him Super Saiyan Putih.

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