This is Naruto's List of Songs from the Ugly to the Best (Part 9 – Final)


After in the last two weeks we've seen positions 10-6 now we'll see a song that once filled the song Naruto from position 6-1.

In the last two weeks we've seen 5 songs in positions 10-6 ever so the opening and closing songs of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series. This time will re-order the song Naruto ranging from the best, the ordinary, and the ugly.

This list will show the five best songs ever to fill Naruto series from position 5 -1 and become the best Naruto song of all time. Here's a list of the top five

(NB: Songs in this sequence are taken from songs that have been included in Naruto TV series and Naruto Shippuden . BGM as well as songs from the film and editions shounen -hen not counted.)


No Regret Life – Nakushita Kotoba (Ending Naruto 9)

According to Wikipedia, music style emo is a style of rock music with melodic music characteristic, accompanied by expressive and recognizing lyrics.

Music emo itself is famous for its personal music approach and is directly related to the condition of its mostly teenage listeners who are still searching for their true identity.

This musical genre is also influenced by 19459005 pop punk music and punk rock which corresponds to the demographics of its audience. It may be the word emo itself is short for emotional .

This musical style triggered a band consisting of Kazusou Oda (vocals, guitar), Genta Matsumura (bass), and Ryuuta Hashiguchi to create an emotional song with a deep and soft mood emo

Single Their second "Nakushita Kotoba" summoned the feel of britpop from mellow Ash "Goldfinger" and "Oh Yeah" and then combined with Oda's vocals character punk rock strong.

The music scene in this song is made with a soft and emotional alternative rock to get the impression emo that is perfect and capable of arousing the emotions of its audience.

This song gradually evokes the emotions of its listeners to bring out tears ranging from a mellow music atmosphere but loudly impressed as the personification of the crying person to hide his strong sense and perfected with a melancholy Oda Vocal and plays the tone -the high tone at the end of the song that creeps and makes an emotional impression not just gimmick but sounds sincere.

When Oda sings the lyrics " nakushita shimatta" in the end somehow unconsciously the tears immediately spill just like in the lyrics.

Released when the story enters the stage where Sasuke is missing, "Nakushita Kotoba" is a song that can make you cry because of the atmosphere game and its theme or because you are not strong enough to follow Oda's high vocals.

Position on Oricon Chart : 40

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Flow – Go !!! (Opening Naruto 4)

Before the release of the song "Go !!!" the band containing Kohshi (vocals), Keigo (vocals), Take (guitar), Got's (bass), and Iwasaki (drums) its popularity is just ordinary and only famous among lovers rap rock and mixture rock .

Their fate instantly changed completely when they released "Go !!!" on October 28, 2004 and became an antemic song and always remembered from the Naruto series .

Thanks to "Go !!!" they immediately became band popular anime specialists such as Code Geass, Nanatsu no Taizai, Heroman, Durarara !!!, Dragon Ball, Samurai Flamenco and contributed many times to the anime that raised their name ie Naruto.

Actually, Flow plays stereotypes of punk songs pop punk and rap rock on the song "Go !!!" but that distinguishes them with songs that have genre which the same is their passion as well as their consistent lyrics and combined with the English word they always say on this song "We are fighting dreamers". Because of its popularity, the Flow gave the title FIGHTING DREAMERS in their most recent mini album.

"Go !!!" played punk rock with a touch of rap rock that was energized and did not allow his listeners to break for a moment. The tight drum beats and fast guitar playing constantly invites the listener to get excited and continue to follow the rhythm of the song.

Flow does not fully play with the punk rock and punk pop which is just that in this song, some of the improvisations they cultivate are cultivating in the middle of the song making the song still audible groovy without having to remove speed from "Go !!!".

"Go !!!" was also the beginning of success for the Flow and the development of anime music or anisong to the whole world. "Go !!!" became an unwritten standard for a song anisong capable of burning his audience on the screen and on stage.

Position on the Oricon Chart: 6

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