This is Naruto's List of Songs from the Ugly to the Best (Part 8)


After in the last week we've seen position 20-11 now we'll see a song that once filled the song Naruto from position 10-6.

In the last week we've seen 10 songs in positions 20-11 ever so the opening and closing songs of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series. This time will re-order the song Naruto ranging from the best, the ordinary, and the ugly.

This list will appear every Saturday. Keep check to find out the song Naruto your favorite is in what position!

For this week, we will see 5 songs that fill 10-6 positions and are a collection of the best songs of the Naruto series . Pantengin keep this schedule next week because we will know what song is the best Naruto song of all time.

(NB: Songs in this sequence are taken from songs that have been included in Naruto TV series and Naruto Shippuden . BGM as well as songs from the film and editions shounen -hen not counted.)


Sambomaster – Seishun Kyousoukyoku (Opening Naruto 5)

Sambomaster comes with music that is actually unique and different from other groups. The group is filled by Takashi Yamaguchi in (vocals, guitar), Youichi Kondou (bass), Yasufumi Kiuchi (drums) who love music punk rock but they also love music soul and funk .

These two genres are certainly contrary to one another where music punk rock is always famous thanks to speed and harsh guitars and soul / funk relying on smooth guitar clips and soft music heard.

With all their efforts and means, they combine the two opposing genres into a song and the result is a song that becomes their second single "Seishun Kyousoukyoku" genre which is the opposite.

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Opened with the game drums a very rockabilly and then continued with a guitar passage that combined riff rock and funk into one dimension. Yamaguchi's vocals here are hoarse as symbols of music seishun punk and music with a rhythmic guitar with rock n roll effect which was sung into the symbol of music soul / funk .

In fact, this song is quite complex especially in pattern drums and guitars because it combines two different genres but is still performed in a rhythmic, soulful, and also loud.

Unknowingly they succeeded in performing the song power pop very well and very preoccupied with the importance of groovy in it.

Position on Oricon Chart : 15


Okamoto's – Yokubou wo Sakebe !! (Ending Naruto Shippuden 18)

Bands consisting of Shou Okamoto (vocals), Kouki Okamoto (guitar), Hama Okamoto (bass), and Reiji Okamoto (drums) are often referred to as the young Japanese Rolling Stone. The statement was not without reason because they played the 19459005 garage rock and traditional rock n roll as well as Shou's face similar to Mick Jagger when he was young.

The band which has already released seven albums has diverse discography ranging from garage rock pure, rock n roll dance rock , until funk . They showed their garage rock fantastic and bombastic sides in the song "Yokubou wo Sakebe !!" that united their musical influences into one package.

Without a preoccupation "Yokubou wo Sakebe !!" bombarded his listeners with garage rock fast and high beradrenaline with lick-lick guitar that fuzzy and fast. Okamoto's seemed to give no room for silence for a moment and continued attacking with energetic and poisonous fuzz garage rock

The ecstasy garage rock was increasing when Kouki took out his solo guitar and spliced ​​it with the bluesy section before returning to the rapid 1949 garage

In this song, Okamoto's shows how fast and eloquent garage rock can be performed so that this song does not deviate from its musical roots and has a fun and energetic rhythm.

Position on Oricon Chart : 79


The Cro-Magnons – Totsugeki Rock (Opening Naruto Shippuden 11)

If you read from the beginning till now about this article, you must often find the name of The Blue Hearts in this article. The Blue Hearts themselves were the first punk rock group in Japan that gained popularity like the superstar there.

The group often called The Clash Japanese version is a model group punk rock and alternative rock thereafter and initiated the 19459005 punk rock movement in Japan which was also sparked by society's discontent over Japan's economy plunged by asset price bubble.

The vocalist Hiroto Koumoto has also become an iconic punk rock in Japan for having a charismatic stage persona and always singing in strange movements like drunkenness or seizures. In addition to having stage persona like that, it is also popular thanks to the often offensive word on television.

After The Blue Hearts broke up, two of the most influential personnel in developing The Blue Hearts and skena punk rock in Japan were Hiroto Koumoto and Masatoshi Mashima (guitar) formed new band named The Cro-Magnons.

The Cro-Magnons have the same musical roots as The Blue Hearts and still play music punk rock pure with a touch strong garage rock . it emanated in this song "Totsugeki Rock" which only lasted 2 minutes like a punk rock which was fast and short-lived.

"Totsugeki Rock" was performed in a traditional punk rock traditional style which was fast and executed very well complete with the cries of "Oi!" Which was popular in the early era punk rock . Koumoto's vocals still sound the same as they used to and they do not seem to give in to the age they are now.

Even so, it just makes "Totsugeki Rock" look mature and wise without having to take a rough word to sound cool.

Through "Totsugeki Rock" Koumoto and Mashima give lessons to the younger generation how to make punk rock a good and true no spice that makes it strange.

Position on Oricon Chart : 18

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