This is Naruto's List of Songs from the Ugly to the Best (Part 4)


Once in the last week we've seen positions 60 – 51 now we'll see a song that once filled Naruto from positions 50 – 41.

In the last week we've seen 10 songs in positions 70 – 61 ever so the opening and closing songs of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series. This time will re-sort songs from this series from the best, the ordinary, and the ugly.

This list will appear every Saturday. Keep check to find out the song Your favorite Naruto is in a position.

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For this week, we will see songs that are in positions 50 – 41 where there is already a good song in terms of quality and in terms of catchy and can fit into the memory of its listeners. Curious anyone who goes into the list for the week? Check out the list below.

(NB: Songs in this sequence are taken from songs that have been entered in Naruto TV series and Naruto Shippuden .BGM as well as songs from the film and editions shounen -hen not counted.)


Nico Touches The Walls – Diver (Opening Naruto Shippuden 8)

On the song "Diver", the band that has released six albums is again showing how ambitious they are in music.

They continue to play music that is quite fast but in a more orderly and orderly portion than "Broken Youth". They continued to fill the song with a lot of distortion and riff the guitar that was tight enough seemed to give an emotional impression to the song even though it sounded less bite when first heard.

Position on the Oricon Chart: 7


Seamo – My Answer (Ending Naruto Shippuden 10)

Naoki Tanada or more popularly known as Seamo is one of the influential musicians in mixing music hip hop with more universal pop sensibility to Japanese society along with Home Made Kazoku, GReeeeN, Shikuramen, Funky Monkey Babys, and of course Ketsumeishi.

Simultaneously with the group Seamo also played music hip hop which heavily nge pop with beat borrowing from R & B pattern and sounded rhythmic. The combination of light vocals and catchy makes this song a solid fusion between hip hop with J-Pop music. Not too ambitious but also not too cheesy .

Position on the Oricon Chart: 19


Unlimits – Cascade (Ending Naruto Shippuden 21)

Unlimits themselves are a pretty unique group because they are the melodic hardcore / pop punk band led by a woman in vocals. Unlike Scandals who sometimes seem heart -filled in playing music pop punk at some point Unlimits sounds like a pure pop punk band, like listening to Nothing's Carved In Stone in women's vocals, involved in project cover album The Get Up Kids which is a legend among emo / pop punk and their early work sounds like cover band Husker Du.

They slightly relaxed their punk spirit in "Cascade" which sounds more like Asian Kung-Fu Generation in pop rock version. The "Cascade" itself sounds neat and melodic, they still keep some aspects of punk here but translated into 19459006 power pop language for easy digestibility and is more suitable for a theme song for the anime . Fortunately they did not move too far in the "Cascade" and still retain melodic though in a real sense not in the sense of melodic punk .

Position on Oricon Chart: 43


Aisha Feat. Chehon – Kono Koe Karashite (Ending Naruto Shippuden 22)

The American and Japanese mulatto R & B singer is not able to speak much in the Japanese music industry and the song does not enter at all to the top 200 on the Oricon chart.

(19459005) dance-pop, R & B, pop rock, and hip hop in a single package. The sound of Aisha's powerful and pumping accompanied verse hip-hop engrossed in Chehon made this song sound different from the other Naruto Shippuden heard-that's all. Beat The song that sounds loud with the accompaniment of thick guitar distortion does make this song quite strange but strangely also this song is nice to hear and danceable. Probably label does not care much about it because Japanese society prefers pure R & B or pure hip hop or rap rock purely than a song that impressed this hodgepodge

Position on the Oricon Chart:


Oreskaband – Pinocchio (Ending Naruto 14)

The band ska pop coming from Osaka offers music ska which is still pure with members band which are all filled with womens. Bands consisting of iCas (vocals, guitars), tomi, (bass), tae (drums), SAKI (trumpet), HAYAMI (trombone) and ADD (tenor sax) remind us of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Save Ferris and ska bands who had been Triumphant in the 90's era. The band which is often around the world is also clever in playing its image to its audiences by applying images girly at once tomboy at the same time and image is quite popular in its time.

In terms of musicality as well, Oreskaband really keep ska in his pure form in "Pinocchio". They do not play too hard and are still in pop with the addition of their girly and funny image. The excerpt of the guitar in this song also reminds of the music games of Save Ferris and Sublime at the same time that makes this song interesting to listen while dancing in the style skankin ' with friends.

Position on the Oricon Chart: 29

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