This is Naruto's List of Songs from the Best to the Ugly (Part 2)


Once in the last week we've seen positions 84 – 71 now we'll see a song that once filled Naruto from position 70 – 61.

In the last week we've seen 14 songs in positions 84 – 71 ever so the opening and closing songs of the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series. This time will re-sort songs from this series from the best, the ordinary, and the ugly.

This list will appear every Saturday. Keep check to find out the song Your favorite Naruto is in position.

For this week, we'll see songs that are in position 70 – 61 where still many songs filler and not memorable are still on this list. Curious anyone who goes into the list for the week? Check out the list below.

(NB: Songs in this sequence are taken from songs that have been entered in Naruto TV series and Naruto Shippuden .BGM as well as songs from the film and editions shounen -hen not counted.)


Halcali – Long Kiss Goodbye (Ending Naruto Shippuden 7)

Duo hip hop origin of Meguro, Tokyo consisting of Haruka and Yukari this is actually a group hip hop which catchy and the sweetest of its time let alone they got mentors of the legends hip hop Japan such as Rip Slyme, Scha Dara Parr, and m-flo. Their uniqueness in filling anime soundtrack emanated in the song Tip Taps Tip which became the closing song of Eureka Seven .

Unfortunately, it can not be reprinted on the song Long Kiss Goodbye which became their third contribution to the theme song anime . Long Kiss Goodbye was very far from their musical roots and instead played with pop rock with rapping in the middle of which sounded out of place . Although the reff of this song is quite catchy but it would be nice if this song was given to bands like Zone, Scandal, or Stereopony.

Position on Oricon: 53


Saboten – Scenario (Ending 15 Naruto)

One of the half-baked punk re-appeared in this list. This Osaka-based band plays pop punk which has actually played a lot other bands and is not really bad at all. But the progression of a tone that is too fast and vowels that do not have a strong character make this song sounds ordinary and there is nothing special in it.

Position on Oricon: 60


Raiko – Alive (Ending Naruto 4)

Ah, 2004. The era when we still love to buy tapes at record stores and always buy Linkin Park cassettes titled Meteora . The moment where we are still reminded of a video clip like Somewhere I Belong who always plays when going to school and whines to our parents to buy gunpla which is in the video clip. We also remember the times we heard rap rock and we became cool about it.

[1945907] Raiko with Alive could possibly be personification of the 2004 era when rap rock genre and mixture rock was still a favorite of children in ancient times and Raiko reminded will be the era with Alive . It's just that they too -copy paste Linkin Park ranging from gimmick DJ scratch his vocalist who wants to be Chester but not up to his highest point, his music too pop rock and rapping that sounds like to be Mike Shinoda but what ends power is just a KW version of it.

Position on Oricon: 40


Little By Little – Kimi Monogatari (Ending 3 Naruto Shippuden)

Little By Little who took his name from the title song Oasis titled the same often make music pop rock a good quality with a pretty good though not great and the song Kimi Monogatari be the exception of what already mentioned above.

Kimi Monogatari goes too flat and wants to be made magnificent with the game string section and the piano in its center but fails in its execution because it has been carried away mood and nothing special when hearing this song first. Hearing this as if hearing the song britpop that failed.

Position on Oricon: 97


Kuroneko Chelsea – Ao No Lullaby (Ending 37 Naruto Shippuden)

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This Kobe origin band is indeed faithful to garage rock music with alternative rock . But why do not they get more attention from music lovers in Japan? Perhaps the answer is that they play the same music and there is nothing improvised from the genre that they stretched so that almost all of the songs sound flat .

Like the song Ao no Lullaby which sounded the first time but when heard several times and noticed it this song sounded plain and played too much gimmick garage rock standard ranging from the nuances of his music, the vocalist who wanted to sound hoarse as wet as Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, and riff guitar as well as some effects reverb who wanted to sound like band scena of New York at the beginning of the year 2000s.

Position on Oricon: 95

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