This is Naruto's Character Ideal With The Leader


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<h4 style= Like the original humans in general, the characters in the anime and manga series Naruto also have their own ideals, such as the ideals of Naruto who are contemporary with Uzumaki Naruto following.

When discussing the ideals or future aims of the anime and manga series Naruto then we will immediately recall the main character, the Naruto Uzumaki himself who aspires to become a Hokage.

However, do you know the ideals of other characters who contemporaries with Naruto like Sakura, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Hinata, and others? This is the ideals of Naruto character who is contemporary with the main character.


Sakura Haruno

Sakura is part of Team 7, and Team 7 is the team's main character in the Naruto series . At the beginning of his meeting, Kakashi Hatake as the mentor of this team had asked about their future goals when they first met.

In Team 7, Sakura's ideals are not really as big as Naruto's or Sasuke's, but quite difficult to achieve. Her love for Sasuke made this love a living destination.

Sakura is very obsessed with Sasuke, especially in part 1 (before Shippuden ). However, his ideals when smaller, or before entering the Academy, are to be like Ino. When Sakura is small, she likes to be disturbed by other kids because of her wide forehead, and here Ino often helps and accompanies Sakura.

Instead of wanting to continue to be under Ino's supervision, Sakura just wants to be like a strong Ino and confident. Towards Shippuden Sakura wants to be a useful Medical Ninja for Team 7, because she feels very helpless and is always protected when with team 7.

All of his goals are achieved, Sakura married Sasuke, and has a daughter; he has also surpassed Ino, and has become a calculated Ninja Medical, even approaching Tsunade's level.


Sasuke Uchiha

When first introduced, Sasuke has a quiet nature, and does not care about its surroundings. It was all due to the Uchiha clan massacre perpetrated by his own elder sister Itachi Uchiha.

After that incident, Sasuke's ideals are only two, namely avenging him on Itachi, by killing him, and after success, he wants to re-build the already endangered Uchiha clan.

But when Sasuke is small and has not changed as it is today, his goal is to be a great ninja like his brother, recognized by his father, Fugaku, and a member of the Uchiha Police Department.

Unfortunately, his brother became his enemy, his father was gone, and the Uchiha Police were disbanded. Then, whether the ideals or goals of Sasuke's future are fulfilled? The answer is almost fulfilled. Sasuke has a mutable purpose.

Ultimate Ninja Blazing

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He had killed Itachi, but he had regrets, and eventually moved his hatred and revenge on Danzo and Konoha who became the mastermind of the Uchiha massacre. After that, he wanted to become Hokage and change the structure of the Ninja world.

Currently, she's married to Sakura, and her goal to continue the Uchiha clan is being done with the birth of Sarada as the new Uchiha. Compared to being Hokage, he prefers traveling to improve the Ninja world wherever it stands, and as a penance.

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