This is Hoki Taketori, Team 25's Just Like Kakashi Hatake!


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<h4> Hockey Taketori has long been suspected as Kakashi's son. This speculation strengthened after seeing his makeup in episode 38. But really? </h4>
<p> Navers has long wondered whether Kakashi has any children. As far as the Kakashi still looks on the screen is still on its own even in this old age. But there is still speculation that he secretly already has a partner. </p>
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Well, since the beginning of the Boruto episode not a few Navers have been curious about Taketori. Especially since Taketori always covers his mouth and nose, just as the sixth Hokage did.

Not only that, Taketori in episode 38 then also follow-up his left eye with Konoha's headband.

So, is he really Kakashi's son? The author is sure not.

Actually if you take a good look also the only Hats Taketori's equation with Kakashi ya just Taketori covering his nose and mouth. He has neither the color nor the hair shape of Kakashi and Sakumo Hatake.

According to the author, Kakashi should also have a better interaction with his real child. The basis of this allegation is … yes … before Sakumo tragedy, Kakashi actually had time to feel the affection of his father. So he will at least try to act like Sakumo to his son.

But during the Academy's graduation exam, Kakashi never even interacted with Hockey at all. Hockey is also always in the background, rarely highlighted by the camera.

Then the easiest: hockey family name is not even Hatake.

Then what is the meaning of the choice of Hockey costume? Actually the explanation is easy.

You have to remember that in the Boruto era, the shinobi heroes are treated like celebrities. Even Naruto, Orochimaru, and a number of other names are used as collection cards for children.


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Hence, Hockey is most likely just a fan of Kakashi. Just like Iwabee who turned out to be a fan of Naruto.

After the Academy's graduation exam, where Kakashi beat up all the pupils and survived from Taju Isshi Tojin who was installed by one generation, Hockey seemed to be even more amazed by the Sixth Hokage. So as soon as he gets Konoha's headband, he simply follows Kakashi's style when wearing it.

Even so, with Hockey's habit of covering his nose and mouth, he may fit into Anbu later. Just like Kakashi, it would be easy for him to disguise.

It's Interesting about Taketori Clan

But the clan name of Hats Taketori is actually interesting. The Wiki mentions that the clan's information is not widely known, but the family name has been mentioned in Naruto Shippuden [194590]]

Even so, the Taketori clan is said to have close ties to the Hyūga clan. Natsu Hyuga, the Hanabi servant, who conveys this information.

So, despite his lack of speech and his presence is often imperceptible, Hockey seems to come from a large family.

That's a short discussion about Hockey Taketori. How? Do you still feel that he's actually Kakashi's kid? If so, why do you think so? Convey in the comment field!


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