This is a Sad Wife Candidate Not Ending Happy


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<h4> Gaara was once married, but unfortunately the marriage did not go well. Who's the future wife Gaara? </h4>
<p> Today, the children of Naruto's generation are married and have a family, for example the main character, Uzumaki Naruto who is married to Hyuuga Hinata and has two children, Uzumaki Boruto and Himawari. </p>
<p> Surely other Naruto friends also some already have a family, however, what about the fifth Kazekage, Gaara? It can not be denied, despite having had a high office since a young age, but Gaara is a generation friend with Naruto. </p>
<p> Is Gaara also married and has a family? In a way, now Gaara already has a son, but does not have a wife. So how can the story of having a child without a mother. </p>
<p> The story is told in the novel <em> Gaara Hiden </em>; therefore, the writer apologizes in advance because this is a novel, Gaara's future wife no picture, it is unfortunate. </p>
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In this novel, Gaara's personality also begins to turn into a much softer, no more killing instinct like when he was younger. This is evident when Temari can joke with Gaara as a sister to tease her sister.

Originally, Gaara had a love problem, but it all just revolved to himself. He's confused as to why Temari can be very happy and smiles broadly when receiving a letter from Shikamaru. In addition, he also confused why his best friend, Naruto can always give a smile on Hyuuga Hinata.

Since the people around him began to change, he was ready to accept something called 'love' to enter into his life. Finally, he really fell in love with a woman, even Gaara calls her 'Beautiful', and she is Hakuto.

Who is Hakuto, and how are the love stories of Gaara and Hakuto intertwined? Check the next page.


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