This is a collection of strange things happening in Net-juu no Susume!


Previous writer ever review about anime series Net juu no Susume . Now the author will write things that seem unusual for a game that is shown by the series Net Juu no Susume is.

Serial Net juu no Susume is a story of a retired woman who turned into a NEET . The anime series also tells about the daily gamers in general, including the hode and also things that usually happen to gamers .

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In this article, the authors will express unusual things in the game played by Moriko, namely Fruit de Mer where they are things that are rarely present or not even in every MMORPG in the real world. The author also to imagine how much data needed to store the game.

Environmental changes without maintenance

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Toram Online


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Talk RPG, you can also play a good RPG on your smartphone, loh.

Game online or anime HUD ?

 Unusual thing on net juu no susume "width =" 1701 "height =" 964 "/> If we usually play the game, the most comfortable distance to the character you play in a moving state is still enough to see the whole the body shape of the characters and the environment, but in the serial <em> Net juu no Susume </em>the display of the games played by the cast is just an anime scenario attached to the screen given by HUD. </p>
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Despite that, for a number of online games, you can indeed do such a thing. It's just that it should not be done while you're dungeon crawling . It's not funny if you do not know if attacked from the front face.

First Person View RPG ?!

 It is not unusual on the net juu no susume "width =" 640 "height =" 362 "/> Not only the anime issue <em> HUD </em>but the anime scenario where the camera is just focusing the Lily is also taped here so that the new feature of this game, the [personality] <em> first person view </em>unlike the <em> RPG </em> which usually <em> third person view </em> . </p>
<p> There may indeed be a <em> RPG </em> game that embraces the first person view </em> </em> system, but for such close distances …… As a player, the writer also certainly would be awkward. </p>
<h3> Can <em> gift </em>how does his friend know? </h3>
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