This is 5 Bronze Saint from Saint Seiya. Still Remember Not With Them?

Who is his childhood watching anime series Saint Seiya on television? You know, there are five main characters of this anime, and they are five heroes known as the 5 Bronze Saint who are tasked to protect Athena.

Actually, Bronze Saint is more than five, but you must know or feel at least 5 Bronze Saint compared to other Bronze Saint. Before you start, who do you remember from the famous 5 Bronze Saint? Write in the comment column of who is your favorite, yes. All right, let's get started.


Pegasus Seiya

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<p> Who does not know Pegasus Seiya when it comes to this article? Pegasus Seiya was the main character in the series <em> Saint Seiya </em>and one of the 5 Bronze Saints renowned among fans. </p>
<p> When discussing the nature, of course Pegasus Seiya also has a character and behavior that is more or less similar to the main character in other Shonen Jump manga, which is very active, loyal to friends and Athena, then ready to do anything to fight the evil party and not true to him. </p>
<p> As the name implies, certainly the armor of Pegasus Seiya comes from the constellation Pegasus, or winged horse. At the time of becoming Bronze Saint, Seiya was still very young, loh, ie 13 years old, and born on a good date, which is December 1. </p>
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In the training period Pegasus Seiya is a splendid yet lazy Saint candidate. He was very confident in his strength and ability, even though his training simulation was not yet completed.

Before his training began, Pegasus Seiya was an orphan at an orphanage along with a 16-year-old Seika. In the training, the coach was Eagle Marin, a Silver Saint woman.

When Pegasus Seiya wants to get Pegasus armor, of course he has to compete with other candidates, and he is Cassios. In the seizing of Pegasus's armor, Seiya cuts one ear from Cassios, therefore he holds a grudge against Seiya, though finally Cassios protects Seiya in his fight against Leo Aiolia, and Cassios dies.

The power of Pegasus Seiya was also great for his position at the time. Some of his flagship sticks are Boxing Meteor Pegasus (Pegasus Ryuseiken), and Boxing Comet Pegasus (Pegasus Suiseiken) that you may still remember.

On the front page, there is one of the 5 Bronze Saints that became the first "love" of many 90s generation children! Who is he? Check out the next page!

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