This Interesting Situation New Straw Hats After One Piece Chapter 901!

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Discussion of the situation of the new crew The Straw Hats may contain spoilers for those who have not followed the manga One Piece up to chapter 901. So for the anti-leaks, be expected to be careful before continuing read.

Who has been following the rest of the story up to the latest chapter or does not mind leaks, please refer to the reviews below.


Essentially, OPLovers are curious during Whole Cake Island: will there be two new Straw Hats crew after the Sanji's rescue conflict from Big Mom this?

The reason, there are two figures who seem to have become nakama Straw Hats during their feud with Big Mom. The first is certainly the Yakuza-style fish man, Jinbe, who has risked his life to declare himself in joining Luffy's crew.

The second is Carrot. Carrot may have not yet declared joining Luffy's crew, but so far he has endangered himself into a form of Sulong in order to protect the Straw Hats. He also seems to have understood how important Luffy was, especially after Pedro blew himself up to make sure the pirate group survived.

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<p> Well, [OnePiece<em> 902 reveals that Jinbe – once again – has not been able to join the Straw Hats crew. If the former Shichibukai had said he still had business to settle (apparently his relationship with the Big Mom crew), now he does not want to let the Sun pirate crew make a sacrifice without him. Thousand Sunny was forced to go to Wano without a great helmer. </p>
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But that way … does not that mean Carrot can actually function as a new member of the Straw Hats in Wano? If true, then there are two new crew joined to the Straw Hats on Whole Cake Island. But the new one will be really adventurous together starting from Wano, while the other one can keep ngikut since Whole Cake Island ends. Interesting too.

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<p> We'll see later in later chapters, whether Carrot will actually offer himself as the <em> nakama </em> new Straw Hats or not. After all he does, Luffy should at least offer him a position at Sunny. Especially since Carrot's sharp eyes and his agility made him fit into <em> scout, </em> or reconnaissance. The actual position is still empty in the Straw Hats group. </p>
<p> Even if Carrot is not interested in joining, it seems he will still move with the Straw Hats. At least until Wano's flow is over. Remember, there is still a Ninja-Samurai-Mink-Pirate Alliance who wants to work together to subvert Kaido. </p>
<p> How do you think about this new Straw Hat crew situation? Convey in the comment field! </p>
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