This Famous Person Confesses To Love Kaneki, Touka Got a Rival!


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<h4> For those of you who follow the story <em> Tokyo Ghoul </em>must know this character. Who loves Kaneki? </h4>
<p> <em> Tokyo Ghoul: Re </em> <em> chapter </em> 148 has been released. Here, the Kaneki monster is still asleep, and the humans, especially the CCG officials, start to rack my brain to find a way out of this case. </p>
<p> <em> Chapter </em> It opened with <em> flashback </em> from Suzuya. After defeating Kaneki, he and his army out of Ward 24, and surely hope it's all over with the CCG victory, but he's wrong. </p>
<p> Suddenly there was an earthquake, and appeared Kaneki's monster. Here is Suzuya's regret, he regrets that he did not immediately kill Kaneki before he could turn into a gigantic monster. Suzuya also considers all this is his responsibility. </p>
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Hide gives an interesting idea, that is looking for Kanou. Kanou is one of the CCG members who often do Ghoul and human experiments, in which Kanou may have a way to solve this problem. Marude also ordered his troops towards his mother Kanou's grave because of the possibility he was visiting him.

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<p> After the meeting, Hide goes to meet the other two familiar characters, Koutaro Amon and Akira Mado. Akira asked Hide, why this boy is disguised as a Scarecrow. The answer was certainly because Hide wanted to keep Kaneki out of sight, and save it. </p>
<p> Hide explains that Amon and Akira are indispensable for the plan Hide will perform. This means that Amon and Akira will act again, it will be exciting to remember these two characters are very influential on the development of Kaneki. </p>
<p> Amon asks why he wants to do something like this to save Kaneki, and Hide replied. All he does because Hide loves Kaneki. Because of this answer, the fan forum <em> Tokyo Ghoul </em> became crowded. What did Hide mean? </p>
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