This Evangelion Director Gives Excitement That Makes You Spirited to Work


Although performed in a casual tone, but the director Evangelion has a message that can make you a passionate work

For the animanga lovers especially the oldest generation is definitely familiar with a legendary figure in the anime world named Hideaki Anno. Directed by Neon Genesis Evangelion and Shin Godzilla this is a familiar name among animanga lovers. One of his works Evangelion managed to become one of the best-selling anime series of all time and his figure was always hailed for being able to bring a new perspective in the Japanese anime world.

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When he was asked in one of the webseries named N High School about what advice he would like to convey to a young man, the director Evangelion says like this, "While still in school search and find the interest you want to dig and do the things you like best. Whether it's sports or creative arts, the discovery of your interests is the most important thing when you're at school. "He also gives tips for young people who want to get into the anime industry and related to it," good communication skills are also important in all areas, including in the anime industry. Learning English is also very important especially in an era like now. "

Anno reveals it is not in a patronizing tone instead he pitched casually with a fairly flat voice. He also admitted that he did not learn much about school lessons during high school. Even in times of examination he did not study and chose to play mahjong with his friend.

In the same webseries he also tells of his past. " Space Battleship Yamato is my life in the past," he said. "Even I memorized all the dialogue and music of the event." Anno during high school is also a person who is very obsessed with anime and manga.

Anno appeared on the show named Nobuo Kawakami who is the president of Kadokawa Dwango. Kawakami, who also agrees with Anno's advice, adds that if you learn just to pass the test you will not be getting smarter. Students should also have a greater sense of curiosity about something and be open to learning new things.

Kawakami also earlier revealed that the school system in Japan must be renewed for the digital era . The educational system in Japan itself is often criticized for overemphasizing rote learning rather than developing professional skills. Hmmm, the story is almost the same as Indonesia seems.

From Hideaki Anno's advice already stated above you should not be disappointed and discouraged if your achievements in the lesson are not so good. Find interest in your liking and develop it, in case you can be as successful as Hideaki Anno.

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