This Channel Pack Opening Attack on Titan with World War Content!


As we know the band Linked Horizon is known for the songs opening of the serial Attack on Titan . The nuance of the song is also very fitting if mounted on war scenarios.

What would happen if the songs opening Attack on Titan from Linked Horizon were used for backdrops for world war content, whether movies or games?

Channel YouTube This realizes it. He includes content videos of world war games and movies for a number of songs from Linked Horizon. Especially yes song opening Attack on Titan they are very popular.

is a canal YouTube WBANK 4.0, a channel from Thailand that recently uploaded a number of world-themed war movie footage with music backgrounds from Linked Horizon bands such as Guren no Yumiya Attack on Titan Season 2 Shinzou wo Sasageyo

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As a reminder, the contents of the video presented are excerpts from movies and games themed world war, both world war first and second world war. So we have the logo of the Nazi Party and the flag of U.S.S.R., please be well received because it is all a recognized historical content.

Shinzou wo Sasageyo in the film of world war

The video that caught the attention of this writer was first uploaded on August 26, 2017 where this channel uses film footage and a second world-themed war series. Some of which are quite recognizable from the film Dunkirk and Pearl Harbor. The song used is Shinzou wo Sasageyo .

Although only a few months ago, but the above video audience has touched 300 thousand spectators, and it is already big for a small canal.

Call of Duty®: Heroes

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Feel the war strategy strategist through the CoD game: Heroes!

Guren no Yumiya as background music CoD: WW2

From using the song Guren no Yumiya, this channel uploads again with trailer content trailer from the game series Call of Duty: WW2 . The result mixing of his authors see can already be said above average.

Uploaded on November 18, 2017 and already touches more than 8,000 viewers. Because it's still fairly new, this video also has the potential to rake in more viewers.

Jiyuu no Tsubasa in the film of world war

The most recent of these channels is mixing footage of world war movies with the song Jiyuu no Tsubasa . This video was uploaded on December 1, 2017 and already has more movie references than the previous video. Some of them are Hacksaw Ridge and Saving Private Ryan .

Although new, until this article was written, the audience of this video is already more than 4 thousand spectators. The video results of the authors of the value of improved quality mixing .

A number of the best compilation of the song opening Attack on Titan which the author found in the WBANK channel 4.0. Actually there are still many videos from this channel. You can see for yourself from his own YouTube channel .

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