This 5 Naruto Characters That Can Be Cool When Resurrected Edo Tensei!

Many of the figures have been resurrected through Edo Tensei in the grand battle of the Fourth Shinobi World War in Naruto . With his life Orochimaru, did not rule out that this forbidden jutsu will be re-used in the future!

Not only that, rumors of Naruto Uzumaki's death on the internet further amplify the possibility that Edo Tensei will be used in the future of the child's story, Boruto!


This illicit ability was sealed by the Second Hokage not without reason! While his soul was not sealed by the God of Death, any old deceased figure could be recalled through Edo Tensei so the use of his jutsu would be very dangerous if widespread!

Thus, who are some of the figures who might gain unlimited potential power next through Edo Tensei? Check out the list on the next page!

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