These 8 Dragon Ball Super Eagles are the Most Disappointing During Universal Saga Survival!

There are 80 fighters competing in Universal Survival saga. Of the dozens of names, it is clear that not everything will stand out.

Goku as the main character is expected to make a breakthrough. Similarly with Vegeta and Frieza. From other universes, figures such as Hit, Jiren, and Caulifla and Kale had carved a name and made many fans want them in Dragon Ball FighterZ .

Then there are also the people on this list. Those who have had great hype but in fact did not perform optimally. Here are eight fighter Dragon Ball Super most disappointing during the Universal Survival saga!

Frost is the most active Universe 6 fighter targeting the 7th Universe 7 fighters. But in the end his really meaningful actions only get rid of Krillin and make Master Roshi have to get out the ring.


His efforts could have such a big impact – trying to divert the Mafuba into Vegeta – could be foiled by Roshi himself. Then his efforts to cooperate with Frieza actually membut he humiliated.

Uniquely, Frost did not include the Dragon Ball Super super fighter most disappointing for the manga version. There, Frost was knocked out early, but he was also able to quickly eliminate Krillin, Tien, and many of the Universe 9 fighters before Frieza finally betrayed him. Unlike him in the anime version.

Debuting as the leader of the Universe 10 fighter, Murichim appears to be an enemy that can at least give a memorable battle before being eliminated.

In fact not, Murichim can be easily removed by Frieza. Precisely Obuni, a not-so-prominent fighter, can give a more memorable appearance with a fierce fight against Gohan.

Kahseral is a character that looks interesting when introduced. The man with the rank of general seems to be a very good fighter, until he is recruited by Toppo. Kahseral then shows his good heart by wasting time in order to save a cat. "I can not save the universe if I can not save lives in front of me!" He exclaimed to Toppo.

In fact as soon as the tournament begins until it is time for him to exit the arena, Kahseral action feels not very prominent.

[1945907] Dragon Ball Super The most disappointing of the other Universal Survival saga can you check on the second page!

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