These 6 Parties in One Piece Knowing the Meaning of Will of the D!

Initially, OPLovers who followed One Piece in its first broadcast in Indonesia thought the initials D in Luffy's name was just a name. Nothing special.

Then after certain figures convey the question of Will of the D in the Drum Kingdom, begin to feel that there is something special from this name.

Gradually more figures are known by the initials D. Including Gol D. Roger the pirate king himself, whose name was deliberately conveyed as Gold Roger by the World Government to cover the initials of D the king of pirates.

Rosinante conveyed to Law that according to the story he heard, those who had the initials of the name D were natural enemies of the gods. So far, Luffy who is one of the owners of the name did not hesitate to punch the Tenryuubito (including Doflamingo) even people who claimed gods like Enel. The owners of the other D initials also proved to have a major influence on history, though they did not intend to actively change it.

The problem is, what does Will of the D mean? There are six parties in One Piece who already know the answer. But so far they have all been silent, have not spelled it out to readers or figures One Piece alone. Here's the list!

The first person in One Piece who first mentions something important behind the meaning of Will of the D is Doctor Kureha of the Drum Kingdom.

Given his long age, it is no wonder that Kureha knows some of the secrets of the world. The meaning of Will of the D is one of them.

Even so, Kureha has so far not delivered to Luffy what he knows.

Most people who seem to understand the true meaning of Will of the D are parents. The younger generation, like Rosinante, only hears this name from the story. So whether or not their knowledge of these initials is accurate.

Meanwhile the younger ones, like Robin, are also curious but so far have not fully understood the meaning of the initials.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Gorosei is suspected of being one of the parties known to understand the meaning of Will of the D.

In addition to being old and powerful, it must be remembered that these men might be responsible for censoring Gol D. Roger's name into Gold Roger. It is impossible for them to do so without reason.

Two other parties who know the meaning of Will of the D can you check on the second page!

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