These 6 Naruto Names are Expected to Appear in Jump Force! (In addition to Team 7)

Earlier, the author had already delivered wishlist figure One Piece which is expected to appear in the game Jump Force . Now it's Naruto that the writers hope will show up in that splashy game!

For the uninitiated, Jump Force is a fistfighting game that highlights the whiz and criminals of the titles Shonen Jump . So far, there are known to be representatives of Naruto's One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, even Death Note .

Synopsis Jump Force alone highlights the possibility of a feud between the criminals Jump against the union of the Jump champion . Therefore, this time the author includes three good figures (the only anti-hero anyway) and the three evil characters Naruto .

Oh yeah, as per the title, the author deliberately did not list the 7th generation Team member of Naruto here. Why? Because most likely they are definitely signed in! Naruto and Sasuke alone are certainly present. There are other figures outside of Team 7 who are also worth highlighting against Frieza and the other Jump here they are!


Naruto this one is definitely worthy of appearing in Jump Force .

Naruto Uzumaki who appeared in Jump Force seems to be a version of Shippuden . In that era, Naruto's most powerful fellowman was Gaara.

Evident from the games Naruto before this, Gaara fighting style mechanics was quite fun when translated into the game.

In addition to its unique and cool fighting style, Gaara is also very popular. Even her small version was indeed chosen to represent the Naruto series in game Battle Stadium D.O.N. in the PS2 era first, alongside Team 7 and Rock Lee.

Cool, popular, and very powerful, Itachi is also a figure Naruto another who deserves to represent Naruto in Jump Force .

With a row of very varied and mighty forces, Itachi is an interesting character to be adapted into the game fighting .


The version of Sasuke that appeared in Jump Force was Sasuke version Shippuden . It would be interesting if we could realize Sasuke's duel against Itachi in Jump Force only this time each was aided by another Shonen Jump

Other Naruto characters expected to appear in Jump Force can you check on the second page!

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