These 6 Most Sadis of Naruto Until Boruto! Severe Banget!

Boruto has just climbed one-third of his story, and various fresh personalities have colored the lunge of the Seventh Hokage's son like his predecessor!

Naruto did not escape the sadistic figures who formed his story in the ninja world! Both allies and enemies, there is one of them who operates in highly questionable modes of humanity!

From sadism to genocide, consider 6 characters that meet this criterion below!

Buyut Uchiha clan who found this Konohagakure has a great design that is very crazy!

When the impact of his plan is revealed at the end of the story Naruto it is clear that Madara is well prepared to sacrifice the whole world for the eternal power of the Tail Ten!


By arousing the forbidden stance of Mugen Tsukuyomi, Madara hypnotizes the whole world and transforms every human living in it into White Zetsu!

Orochimaru is the enemy of all people, as well as allies of all people. Obviously he ignored human values ​​for the advancement of his own research!

Irrespective of how cruel his experiments are in eternal life, Orochimaru does not stop doing inhumane trials to achieve maximum results! Through such experiments, Orochimaru found solutions that saved the Shinobi Alliance in the Fourth Shinobi World War!

Are the other four able to transcend the cruelty of these first two? Find the answer on the next page!

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