There's an Interest from the Ivankov Dinner in One Piece 904!

The discussion below may contain spoiler for those of you who only follow One Piece anime version. So think twice before continuing.


Emporio Ivankov is back in One Piece 904.

In the chapter, it was revealed that the Kamabakka Kingdom had become the new base of the Revolutionary Forces after Baltigo was destroyed. Some commanders may not have been present, but the great figures (Koalas, Dragon, Sabo) have gathered there.

What is interesting is the dinner table that Ivankov has prepared for Dragon. You may recall that Ivankov had prepared this table since the cover story of chapter 827 One Piece .

Even the pots handled by the okama are shown again in chapter 904. Similarly, the typical liver cloths are chosen by the okama.

The significance of this detail is: Baltigo is known to be destroyed in chapter 823. While Luffy was worried about Sabo, since the beginning Ivankov and the okama in his kingdom already knew that the Revolutionary Army survived.

Dragon also seems to have contacted the Kamabakka Kingdom ruler before commencing a troop transfer. Therefore we can see the okama preparing the decoration of the table everything.


For the moment it is still a mystery how Baltigo can be ruined. What is clear, seeing Dragon and Sabo not hurt, most likely the Revolutionary Forces did not fight with Marshall D. Teach's fleet. Especially when it is true that Dragon has previously submitted the headquarters shift to Kamabakka.

In fact, they might have deliberately lured Blackbeard's fleet to Baltigo. Now, the Revolutionary Army is in an ideal situation to attack Reverie: the latest news about them mentions their base was destroyed. The Navy probably would not have expected that suddenly Dragon and the commanders of the Revolutionary Army appeared and made a mess at Mariejois.

The question: will the Revolutionary Forces raids come to an end? We should look forward to it. In view of this massive deployment of troops, if the Dragon fails then the Revolutionary Army will be suddenly weakened by the loss of leaders and many of their commanders.

So, it turns out Oda has given an indication of the fate of the Revolutionary Forces after the destruction of Baltigo by decorating the tablecloth and pot of Ivankov in chapter 827. How do you think about this? Convey in the comment field!

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