There's a Unexpected Make Nangis!

Collection of your favorite players on Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team to help you win! Of course, each of these players has the same skills as in the anime version too!

Basically, Universal Survival saga has the potential to be a plot that can create depression. Just imagine, we have to get to know seven teams other than Universe 7, which will inevitably perish.

Ending may be happy. But still, during the run of the tournament there are some moments that could make a hurt. Surely some of the destruction of the universe makes me sad, but there are also individual moments that are not less painful.

Here are the eight sad moments in the Tournament of Power!



Piccolo Forced to Help Destroy Namek Universe 6



Against Saonel and Pirina, Piccolo initially looks urgent. Not only because he was exhausted (he had to grow his arm, it was consuming energy), but also because he was nervous about having to fight his own people.


Then, as the shadows of Kami and Nail, the two figures who had reinforced it, Piccolo had to accept the fact that he had to fight and help Gohan.

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<p> At first, no outstanding Universe 10 fighter. Even Murichim can be easily eliminated. </p>
<p> Then comes Obuni, a fighter who seems to look arrogant. He then proved that he was able to trouble Gohan, and Gohan not only can rely on his muscles to win. </p>
<p> After Obuni was knocked out, he left his precious treasure in the arena: his family photograph. No need <i> flashback </i>one finding that alone has given the deepening of characters that really kick. Especially for Gohan, who both had children and wives, and had just defeated Obuni. </p>
<p> Then the Universe 10 is destroyed and even the Obuni's remains are not left behind. </p>
<p> <b> Two more of the saddest moments in the Tournament of Power can you read on the second page! </b> </p>
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