There Will Be a Universe Destroyed in the Dragon Ball Super 118. But What?

From the title of the episode there will be a universe destroyed in the Dragon Ball Super 118. Maybe even more than one. Which one is here?

The discussion of the universe was destroyed in Dragon Ball Super 118 this clearly contains spoiler . So if you include the same anti-leaked, you actually entered the wrong article.

But if you are already following Dragon Ball Super until now and wondered with Dragon Ball Super 118, just read the discussion below!


Title Dragon Ball Super 118 is "Accelerated tragedy, vanishing universes." Interestingly his English translation uses a plural form for the universe. That means there is a possibility of a lost universe not just one.

Universe 2

Every fighting universe in the Tournament of Power has its own flagship. The mainstay of Universe 2 is Ribrianne. Unfortunately (or fortunately, for the one he hates), Ribrianne has been eliminated by Android 18 on episode 117. Previously, Rosie has also been released by Android 17.

Now, Universe 2 is only filled by three fighters with a design that is not at all prominent.

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By BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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The three fighters are eyeing the exhausted Goku. But the authors believe in the end they will be dealt with, either by Goku or Frieza.

Frieza? Yes, it's been seen in episode 116 if that one villain keeps an eye on Goku. He still needs Goku to fight Jiren, so if Goku gets urged he will step in to help.

Universe 6

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Universe 6 is arguably already on the verge of collapse since Hit was eliminated by Jiren. Then Kale and Caulifla decide to challenge Goku instead of trying to get rid of other, easier fighters. Now they are also eliminated.

The Universe 6 fighter has only two left, even fewer than Universe 2. They are the duo of Namek, Pirina and Saonel.

Pirine and Saonel do not stand out so far. However from preview it looks like they're just about to show power in episode 118. Preview mentions that they have infinite regeneration abilities. If you see many shades of Namek, maybe this means they can multiply themselves.

Even so, it seems they will not be able to survive Gohan and Piccolo in the upcoming episodes. If that happens, you should say goodbye to Cabba, Champa, Hit, Caulifla, Kale, and … uh … Dr. Rota. They will all be destroyed following Frost.

What about Universe 7?

In preview, Goku says that Universe 7 is in danger. But the universe of this hero still feels the most secure. Especially since Goku is doomed to fight again with Jiren again.

Even so, the authors believe that not all Universe 7 fighters will survive the 118th episode.

So far, all the fighters of the outcast Universe 7 are the ones who have bald heads. The author feels it will re-occur in the upcoming episode. The one that was eliminated this time was Piccolo.

Why Piccolo?

Namek fighter on this one his stamina was drained against the sniper of Universe 2. It could be that Saonel and Pirina will make him more tired.

Then considering that Frieza might prefer to pay attention to Goku, Goku is busy with Universe 2, Vegeta has its own affairs, and Android 17 and 18 just overcome Ribrianne, Piccolo may only rely on Gohan.

In situations like this, the writer feels that Piccolo will actually sacrifice himself to ensure Gohan survive in the tournament.

That is the author's prediction of the universe to be extinct in Dragon Ball Super 118.

But since it is clear that the two universes are at the end of the horn, the author is sure twist the main upcoming episode is not the defeat of Universe 2 and 6 alone, but rather the elimination of another Universe 7 fighter. Piccolo.

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