There Will 6 Genei Ryodan Members Die in Hunter x Hunter? Anyone?


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<h4 class= Chrollo's prediction seems to confirm two things: Chrollo will survive long, but Genei Ryodan will lose six members. Now there are four members Genei Ryodan dead, who else is another?

Away in the city of Yorknew first, Chrollo made a prophecy with the power he stole from Neon Nostrade. The prediction is dark and, seeing what has happened to Genei Ryodan since the last hiatus HxH, seems unavoidable, no matter where they are going.

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As a consideration, this is the forecast Chrollo acquired for himself.

"The calendar of loses a precious component.

The last months of gathering to mourn.

The mourners play a melody,

While the eleventh moon quietly rises.

The chrysanthemum withers and falls,

To lie on the ground beside bloody Scarlet Eyes.

But you will remain supreme.

Even after losing half your limbs.

Enjoy the interlude.

Search out new allies.

East is the direction to go.

You will find one who awaits you. "

The calendar signifies the members of Gennei Ryodan, whose members are 12 and led by Chrollo as the main body. The earlier part of the prophecy mentions that the calendar lost an important component (Uvogin, who died in the hands of Kurapika).

Even so, the prophecy also states Chrollo will remain triumphant even though he will lose half his organs.

Since the forecast was made, the total Genei Ryodan has lost four legs. In sequence they are Uvogin, Pakunoda, then Shalnark and Kortopi. There will still be at least two members of Genei Ryodan dead after this.

Death of Shalnark and Pakunoda Already Predicted

Shalnark and Pakunoda include members of the Genei Ryodan whose prophecies are recited.

Here's the prediction for Pakunoda.

" On a dark day with very little light,

You will face two choices within a small room.

You must choose between pride and betrayal.

While the death-bringer hovers near. "

Pakunoda has been given the curse of death, which will kill him if he leaks information about Kurapika. But ultimately rather than betray Pakunoda prefers to put his memories into bullets and give them to his comrades. This decision led to his death.

To Shalnark …

" Do not make any phone calls.

When it matters most,

It would be unwise to answer the phone,

For the death-bringer will come the calling of one time in three. "

Shalnark gets a warning not to call. When Hisoka killed Kortopi, he was calling Chrollo.

So, yep, this prediction is already fix . Whatever happens, Genei Ryodan will lose half his legs. But which other legs are in threat?

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