The Very Deadly Criminals!


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<h4 class= Dropping a lot of victims, here's the serial killers in the anime! Anyone?

Murder is a great sin. But sometimes this is done by the soldiers to protect their country. There are also assassins, who screw the lives of others for being paid.

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Then there are the serial killers. Some are based only by deviant desires, others have more goals. Clearly, the figures below have caused the deaths of many without being motivated by money or patriotism.

Who are these dangerous characters? Just read the list of six serial killers in the following anime!


Yoshikage Kira

Unlike DIO and Pillar Men, the Part 1, 2 and 3 criminals, Yoshikage Kira does not intend to rule the world. He just wants to live quietly. He sabotaged his own education so that he appeared ordinary, and not stand out.

The problem is one: Yoshikage's desire for a normal life is complicated by his crazy determination to collect the hands of beautiful women.

Supported by Killer Queen, Stand whose blast can not be seen by normal people and obliterate the bodies of its victims, Yoshikage has long been operating in Morioh. (In fact he's been in action since before getting the Stand).

Fortunately for Reimi, her first survivor waiting when Yoshikage is punished, this one man made a serious mistake. For killing Shigechi Yangu, Josuke Higashikata begins to realize his existence and hunts him.


Johan Liebert

The serial killer in the anime The monster is terrible.

Initially, the reader and audience may think Johan went crazy because of the experiments and bad experiences he experienced as a child. But then it was revealed that the bad experience was suffered by Anna, her twin sister, not herself. Johan only projects Anna's memories into his memories.

Even so, since childhood Johan has been damaged. He can easily kill good men and women who have adopted him and Anna.

As he grows up, Johan becomes even more terrible. Growing up as a figure of authority and genius, Johan sometimes does not need knives, swords, pistols, or guns to cope with someone. He once caused the death of a character with only words and a beer offer.

Not only that, Johan is so scary that he can influence someone to kill for him. No doubt, he is a monster.

An example of a serial killer in the other anime can you check on the second page!


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