The Two Universe Destructive with Death!


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Secret of the Power of Saonel and Pirina

There has been speculation that in the end Piccolo, somehow, will try to do Namek Fusion with Saonel and Pirina to make himself stronger.

The prediction is misplaced, but Namek Fusion is indeed re-touted by both of these fighters in Dragon Ball Super 118.

It turns out that Saonel and Pirina have done Namek Fusion before the tournament begins. Not just with one or two people, but with a lot of fighters from Namek Universe 6. No wonder then Piccolo and Ultimate Gohan was made trouble.

But not just those fighters who have merged with Namek Fusion. Fan Dragon Ball must have felt nostalgic to see Piccolo watching again Kami and Nail, two Namek who have merged with him.


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Was intimidated by the power of Saonel and Pirina's determination, Piccolo became more serious ever since seeing the vision of the Nail and Kami.


The Ugly Transformation of the Universe 2 Back Again

Hate the Ribrianne transformation form? Do you think you've been free from that performance since Brianne was eliminated in the previous episode? Then Dragon Ball Super 118 can seem like a nightmare to you.

Endowed by the power of love of Universe 2, Zirloin, Zarbuto, and Rabanra can use transformations from Brianne, Sanka Ku, and Su Roas. Only, they still look like the above.

Though his third appearance is very ridiculous, it proves that they are able to give a very fierce resistance. Goku is lucky himself helped by Android 17 and 18, so this duel becomes more balanced.

These three remaining Universe 2 fighters can even come up with techniques that Ribrianne trio does not have: Pretty Black Hole. This stance is able to confine Android 17, 18, and Goku in gravitational field is heavier than that can be created machine made by Bulma.

Unfortunately, this stance is not enough to be able to overcome Goku.

So, which universe was destroyed in Dragon Ball Super 118? Read the discussion on the second page!


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