The title is worrying, will Gohan be eliminated in Dragon Ball Super 124?!


Title Dragon Ball Super 124 is: Fierce Rush Attack! Gohan's Final Stand !! Will Gohan be eliminated? How can? Here is the speculation!

This is not the first time there have been concerns Gohan was eliminated. She was briefly considered to be eliminated in episode 120, as she suddenly replaced Goku's position as a narrator in preview the next episode.

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Preview after episode 119 it also promises Gohan will exert his full power. However, since Aniraza just appeared in episode 121, which diligently follows the official synopsis Dragon Ball Super had guessed that Gohan's resistance would not end Universe 3.

Fortunately in the end Gohan just failed to get rid of Dr. Paparoni and robots. He still survives in episode 120, and stays firmly in episode 121.

Will his luck come back on Dragon Ball Super 124?

As you've read above, the episode title Dragon Ball Super 124 is Fierce Rush Attack! Gohan's Final Stand !!

Final Stand. That's not a nice choice of words. It seems that Gohan will exert all his might, but he will be thrown out of it.

Uniquely, that would make Gohan excluded does not seem to be Toppo, the Universe 11 fighter he's faced with Android 17 on episodes 122 and 123. Preview shows that Gohan will duel with Dyspo, the super-fast fighter.

In episode 123, Dyspo was last seen still against Frieza, but he failed to make Frieza in pain. Frieza has not even felt the need to turn into a Golden Frieza. Only, Frieza's shot failed on Dyspo.

Well, in episode 124 preview shows that Golden Frieza and Gohan seem to be together against Dyspo. Dyspo himself will exert his superhuman speed to be a more dangerous threat.

Frieza Will Become Reason Gohan Eliminated?

Frieza is still evil in this Tournament of Power. Therefore, when the synopsis shows Gohan will fight with Frieza, there is a suspicion that Frieza would betray Gohan for Goku's son to be eliminated.

The reason? Of course is securing Super Dragon Ball requests. Now the few remaining fighters are getting smaller. Frieza can begin to get rid of the 7th Universe 7 fighter who has the potential to harass his true desires.

But according to the author Frieza would not be the reason Gohan was eliminated. Maybe Frieza will happily attack Dyspo and Gohan if there is a chance. But when that happens, it is most likely Gohan who planned so.


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Gohan may be inspired by the Android 17 tactic in episode 123, where 17 attempt to sacrifice themselves to get rid of Toppo. So, given the few remaining fighters, Gohan took the initiative to sacrifice himself so that Frieza, Goku, and Vegeta could focus on taking care of Toppo and Jiren only.

If you look at the image at the top of the article as well, the lasers around Gohan and Dyspo seem to be launched by Frieza to block Dyspo's space. So that one tyrant will play a major role in the duel in the upcoming episode.

If Frieza decides to start getting rid of the 7th Universe 7 fighters now, she may suspect Vegeta and Goku first, and instead be eliminated by them. He still has to be careful.

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