The Tersial Team! This Minato Team Tragedy Experienced By Each Member

Ever imagined there was a team in the Naruto series that was more ill-fated than the Asuma team left by his teacher or Guy's team who lost one member and his teacher was paralyzed? Apparently there is, the Minato team that has a lot of tragedy!

Minato team tragedies happen several times, and all members of the Minato team are arguably having a difficult and difficult life. Due to this incident, practically the tragedy of the Minato team made this group into an unlucky team in the Naruto series.

Instead of being a happy team, yet they have not found happiness. What is the tragedy of Minato team what ever happened? Here is my World Network select Minato team tragedy that has happened to its members.


Left Obito

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<p> The Asuma and Guy teams that fall into the bad-luck team category have the same problem as this, and are left behind by someone quite important. Minato team tragedy happened when they were small, during World War Third Ninja. </p>
<p> Obito is believed to have "died" in an incident caused by Iwagakure. His body was hit by a big rock, and before he "died", Obito first awarded his left eye which could have been Sharingan to Kakashi whose left eye was blind because of being attacked by enemy. </p>
<p> Losing a team member is certainly a very unpleasant tragedy. </p>
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Rin Being Jinchuriki and Death

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<p> The tragedy of this Minato team <em> double </em>namely Rin, the only member of Minato's team that this woman had to suffer bad luck. First, he was framed in Madara's plan to give birth to Obito's self-esteem, by way of being a Jinchuriki from Tail Three (Isobu). </p>
<p> Not only that, Rin is also pursued by Anbu from the Left village, and in a confusing condition. If he returns to the village, Isobu will be expelled and rampaged in Konoha, but if he surrenders to the Left, it is clear he will be used as a Jinchuriki. </p>
<p> Kakashi tries to help him, but kills Rin in the process. Kakashi became <em> edgy </em> after this incident, and Obito studied the cruel world. Minato himself also felt a failure as a teacher for always failing to protect his students. </p>
<h4> There are still other Minato team tragedies! Check the next page for the other bad luck experienced by this Fourth Hokage team. </h4>
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