The Straw Hat Unique Facts You Might Not Know! Check Here!

Do you know the unique facts of this Straw Hat group? Approximately, what are the interesting facts?

The Straw Hats Group is famously very unique compared to some of the other Pirate groups in the anime and manga universe One Piece .

However, any interesting facts arise from this group of Straw Hats led by Monkey D. Luffy? Check out the list of unique facts of the Straw Hats below!



Everything Lost a Loved Person



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<p> One thing is the same from all the Straw Hats group, ie all its members lose their loved ones in their lives. </p>
<p> To be loved here does not always mean in terms of romance, but also family and close relatives. Indeed anyone who lost? </p>
<p> Luffy is left dead by his own brother, Ace, and in front of his own eyes, Zoro is left dead by his friends and rivals in the world of warfare, Kuina, while Sanji is left dead by his very loving mother. </p>
<p> On the other hand, Nami is just like Sanji, the loss of her mother, Bell-mere, though she is the adoptive mother, Robin is still the same, losing her mother and her "family" on Ohara island, then Chopper losing doctor Hiluluk. </p>
<p> Next, Franky loses his beloved teacher, Tom, while Brook loses all his old friends, including his Yorki captain, and the latest is Jinbe, he lost Fisher Tiger. </p>
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Of all the members of the Straw Hats, there are only two whose parents' names are shown in full, only Usopp and Sanji, while the other members are usually only fathers, mothers only, or even not introduced by their parents at all.

Usopp's parents are Yassop and Banchina, while Sanji's parents are Judge and Sora. Incidentally, both of their mothers are also dead, and their father is equally famous.

Meanwhile, there are two members who have not even introduced their parents, Zoro and Brook.

Are there any unique facts of the Straw Hat group what else will we discuss? On the front page, there are facts relating to the value of their fugitives! Check the second page!

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