The Story of the Kawaki's Past Revealed! Listen to Boruto 24 Here!

Already read manga Boruto 24? There, we see Kawaki's past finally revealed! What was he like when he was young before destroying Konoha?

Here we see Kawaki and also some stories about the organization of Kara, which will later relate to Boruto, and also Kawaki which we have seen from the beginning chapter .

What's happening in this latest chapter ? Consider the discussion Boruto 24 following!

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<p> At the beginning of the opening <em> chapter </em>we are not immediately shown the story of Kawaki's past, but the events that also relate to Kawaki later. </p>
<p> Jigen and Delta, two Kara members talking at the dinner table at the beginning <em> Boruto </em> 24 begins. They discussed something related to the "catalyst" that the Kara group would use. </p>
<p> From their conversation, this catalyst seems very important, perhaps if in Akatsuki first, the catalyst is just like the nine Jinchuriki each carrying a Biju. </p>
<p> Who or what is the catalyst in question? Eits, continue reading, yes. </p>
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<p> Jigen shows his unique strength in this <em> chapter </em>. In discussing the catalyst with Delta, Jigen answered something that Delta did not want to hear. </p>
<p> In this condition it can be said, Jigen is responsible with the catalyst, and Delta is like interrupting Jigen. </p>
<p> Delta angrily kicked the table until it was destroyed, and Jigen had not finished his meal. </p>
<p> With his strength, Jigen brings back the exact dining table, complete with ornamental candles, dishes, food and drinks he previously enjoyed. </p>
<p> Jigen does have Genjutsu ability, but what power is this? What is Genjutsu? Or Jigen can duplicate something very similarly? A very unique power. </p>
<h4> <strong> Then what about Kawaki's past? What does Kawaki have to do with the catalyst in question? Check the second page! </strong> </h4>
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