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Akatsuki's story is always interesting to be lifted, especially the story of each member is unique and different from most other ninjas in the world of anime and manga Naruto .

Unfortunately, however, only a few Akatsuki members are shown their joining process with the Akatsuki organization, and there may be some of you who still do not know about it.

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Back to Akatsuki story. Approximately from all Akatsuki members, whose story would you most like to read the story of joining him to Akatsuki? Then just check the Akatsuki story when its members join below!

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<p> Nagato, along with Yahiko and Konan are three <em> founders </em> or founder of the Akatsuki group, and from them the story of Akatsuki begins. </p>
<p> Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan formed the Akatsuki group during the Third World War of the Ninja. Their goal is to form Akatsuki because they want to make their village of Amegakure peaceful. Incidentally the battles of the five great villages often occur in Amegakure, although they do not interfere, and many die in vain. </p>
<p> Originally the Akatsuki goal was good, but all changed since Hanzo, Danzo, and Tobi got interested in the Akatsuki group. </p>
<p> If Hanzo and Danzo want to get rid of Akatsuki, it is different from Tobi who wants to exploit them. Initially Tobi became Madara, and offered help. Yahiko did not want to, because he felt there was something wrong with Tobi, in contrast to Nagato who seemed more easily influenced. </p>
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Though affected, but Nagato and Konan obey Yahiko's wish not to cooperate with Tobi. Long story short, Hanzo has an evil purpose. He had wanted to offer help and a peaceful path to Akatsuki, which must have had an impact with the village of Amegakure.

At the meeting site, they are trapped. Konan was taken hostage, and Yahiko was forced to commit suicide. Here, Yahiko died, and Nagato was furious. He ends up using his Rinnegan's eye to extract Gedo Mazou and slaughter all the Hanzo members.

Tobi himself is also evil. Another Akatsuki member who knew of Hanzo's rottenness, then wanted to come to Nagato, Yahiko and Konan actually killed by Tobi, so that no one can help, so Nagato awakens his power and hates the world.

From now on, Nagato became emaciated and lived using Pain, eventually the evil Akatsuki group was born and fronted by Pain, Konan, and Zetsu. Tobi does not consider himself part of Akatsuki, because he has to do something behind the scenes.

New inventor from Akatsuki, there are still other members! Check out the next page for another Akatsuki story!

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