The Squad Squad's Strongest Contact in Black Clover: Golden Dawn Yuk!


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<h4> <em> Black Clover </em> is one of the must-watch anime, especially if you are a fan of the <em> Naruto </em> and <em> Fairy Tail </em> series. One of the strongest <em> squads </em> that is in this anime is the Golden Dawn. Yuk same acquaintance member of Golden Dawn <em> Black Clover </em>! </h4>
<p> <em> Magic Knights </em> residing in the Clover Kingdom tasked to assist <em> Wizard King </em> in protecting all his people. The Magic Knight </em> joins into the <em> squad </em> and does the mission given to them. </p>
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To be able to join into squad any person without any social status limitation must take the entrance test. On the test both their physical and magical abilities will be tested and the captains of the ninth squad will elect their new members.

Squad The strongest in this kingdom is the Golden Dawn led by William Vangeance and there are 7 other members. Let's get acquainted with the members of the Golden Dawn!


William Vangeance

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<p> William Vangeance was the captain of the <em> squad </em> Golden Dawn <em> Black Clover </em>. Currently, he is the person who topped the list as the next <em> Magic Emperror </em> candidate. </p>
<p> The captain of the Golden Dawn uses a gold-colored mask that is decorated in blue on his left side. There are also two feathers that adorn the back of this mask. </p>
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Behind the mask, visible scars on the face of William's forehead to the nose. William claimed he had been born with this wound. But Yami once said that William has the same body, voice, and Ki form as Litch, leader of the White Night Eye.

As a captain, William was greatly admired by his followers. He also has a friendly personality and likes to observe others. In fact he realized the power that Asta had when the entrance examination Magic Knights .

William has a very powerful magical ability since he was little, but he felt insecure because of the wound on his face. Until finally he met Julius Novachrono who offered the position Magic Knight for him, and gave a mask to cover his face it


Langris Vaude

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<p> Langris Vaude is vice-captain of the <em> squad </em> Golden Dawn <em> Black Clover </em> as well as a descendant of the Vaude noble family along with the Finral Roulacase. </p>
<p> At first glance he has the appearance of a woman because of his small body shape. Langris also has a very cheerful personality and is very confident in his ability. </p>
<p> Unfortunately Langris has a vengeful nature, especially towards Finral, his older brother. This is because Finals are often praised by others for the kindness they have. </p>
<p> Magical abilities that Langris possessed have been recognized by many since his childhood. This makes him the leader of the Vaude family even though he is the second child. </p>
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<p> Yuno is one of the main characters in this anime. Though he comes from a remote village, he possesses tremendous magical powers and manages to enter into the <em> squad </em> Golden Dawn <em> Black Clover </em>. </p>
<p> When he was a baby, he was left at the door of the village church of Hage along with Asta. Although his childhood Yuno has a timid and whiny nature, thanks to Asta he is determined to become <em> Wizard King </em> in favor of his beloved ones. </p>
<p> The name Yuno became famous for being chosen by the <em> four-leaf clover grimoire </em> used by <em> the first Wizard King </em> in the Clover Kingdom. In fact, though without <em> grimoire </em> the magic power of Yuno is already very strong. </p>
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<p class= Alecdora Sandler

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<p> Member <em> Golden Dawn <em> Black Clover </em> next named Alecdora Sandler who managed to occupy the second highest ranking of <em> Magic Knights </em> and collected 11 stars. </p>
<p> Alecdora has a very tall and sturdy body shape. But just like the noble family in general, he despises others by virtue of their social status. In fact, he was very angry when he found out Yuno was the one who gave the Golden Dawn the most stars. </p>
<p> He mastered the powerful sand magic, even he was the first <em> Magic Knight </em> that could detect the return of the <em> Magic Emperor </em>. In addition, he also has a very high sense of loyalty to William. He was willing to serve his captain until his death. </p>
<h4> In addition to these four men, there are still 4 other members of Golden Dawn <em> Black Clover </em>. Let's check on the second page! </h4>
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