The Sign of the End of Boruto's Sanctuary?

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Thus, Boruto episode 50 is quite annoying. In addition to giving hint for you who likes pairing Konohamaru X Hanabi Hyuga, this episode gives nothing. Even the new scene is practically very little, since the majority of impressions are only filled with footage.

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<p> Back to topic: <em> Boruto </em> episode 50 does indeed feel as an empty episode. But after the writer thinks better with more calm, there may be another purpose behind the events in Borhor </em> episode 50. </p>
<p> In episode 51, the storyline version <em> movie </em> has not started yet. But Boruto already has to deal with the White Zetsu, a problem that can be spelled out very seriously. Fortunately there is Konohamaru who can help them. The fuller battle of Team 7 against White Zetsu can you check today (April 4, 2018) afternoon </p>
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Later, synopsis Boruto episode 53 denotes the commencement of a great plot.


Release Date: April 11, 2018

Chuunin exam is getting closer and when Sarada and her Genin friends are motivated to face the test, Boruto refuses to take the test to make his friends confused. At times like that, Himawari's birthday is also getting closer to the day. After a long time, finally the Uzumaki family came together but the family was approached by someone.

Although slightly different, Himawari's birthday is an event that took place in the chunin exam. The person who came was Sasuke Uchiha himself. (Regarding whether Sasuke's duel with Kinshiki will be shown, we'll see later in episode 52 or even in episode 53). This means that after this Boruto will make the act in the chunin exam, while Momoshiki Otsutsuki will make trouble.

If you look at the manga version, Boruto also can not rest after this. He will initially face the threat of Geng Mujina, which then culminates in the unveiling of the Kara gang's existence. Meanwhile there is a mystery about the symbol in his hand.

Indeed, so far anime has differences from the manga version. (Tim Sumire and Tim Iwabe seem to be taking chunin exams). But according to the author of anime and manga Boruto will later be similar to anime and manga versions Dragon Ball Super . There are significant differences, but the outline of the plot is still the same.

So basically, in addition to filler, Boruto episode 50 is a moment in which the jonin recalled 49 early plots Boruto . The original plot that was never presented in the movie version and the previous manga, highlighted the happy times for Boruto.

But considering what will happen in the chunin exam, and the plot after that, the happy time seems to be over and 2018 will become even darker for Boruto and his friends.

Apparently Boruto episode 50 is of no use as well yes. What do you think? Convey in the comment field!

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