The Secret Behind the Left Eyes of Pedro and Tamago!


Pedro will duel with Tamago, Mink's past this jaguar will be revealed! Listen preview anime One Piece episode 816 the following!

Episode 815 of the anime One Piece was aired on November 26th yesterday (when this article was written), it is now time to discuss preview from the next episode, ie preview anime One Piece episode 816.

We sum up a bit of the incident in episode 815 first. Chopper and Carrot successfully fight behind the Brulee and his troops. Brook managed to find the key to Road Poneglyph, but unfortunately, Big Mom himself came to catch Brook.

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<p style= At the end of the episode before Luffy and Nami again try to escape, there is an interesting scene, namely meeting two rivals, Pedro si Mink Jaguar and Baron Tamago. Apparently, both have their own history, and will be captured in episode 816.

What will happen in the upcoming 816 episodes? Despite his enemies, however Tamago greatly appreciates Pedro (hence he got upset when Big Mom's troops call Pedro a Mink tiger, not a jaguar).

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<p style= Pedro and Tamago have an unpleasant past, and it all happened 5 years ago. Pedro and Tamago are both crossing their left eye, it's all because before they've ever fought, and lost their eyes to each other.

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Pedro was still in the Nox Pirates, along with Zepo, the older brother of Bepo, the doctor of the Heart Pirate of Traflgar D Law. Before all this happened, Pekoms was a member of the Nox Pirates, before he finally became a member of Big Mom.

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<p style= The error occurred when Pedro and Zepo approached Big Mom headquarters to capture the Poneglyph, of course they had a defeat. Pekoms repeatedly pleaded with Big Mom to pardon the two, but their mistakes were intolerable.

The penalty for Pedro and Zepo is to play roulette with a life-cut bet. Zepo is unlucky, he gets a 100-year life cut, while Zepo's original life is only 30 years old, so the older brother of Bepo immediately dies instantly.

What about Pedro? He got a 70-year-old life cut. Pekoms again begs Big Mom, but since Pedro has "taken" Tamago's left eye, then Big Mom is really angry.

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<p style= Since there is still something to protect (the Mink tribe), Pedro finally picks up and injures his own left eye, instead of the Tamago eyes he makes blind. Big Mom who likes the courage of Pedro, finally cut Pedro's penalty, from taken the remaining 70 years of his life, to 50 years only.

Pedro himself is very loyal to whoever respects and also helps him, therefore he is ready to die at Big Mom headquarters during Luffy, the person who has saved the Mink tribe can find what they are looking for there.

That preview anime One Piece episode 816, at once the secret of the eyes of Pedro and Tamago that will be revealed in the upcoming episode.


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