The ReLife Manga Graduated in Chapter 222 In March!

Web manga ReLife is over in March! Be prepared for a baper with ending ala Makoto Shinkai!

Next March seems to be a pretty gray moon, considering there are several popular anime and manga series that have graduated that month. For anime, for example just like Dragon Ball Super then for manga there ReLife . Yep, web manga ReLife graduated in March.

After lasting for about five years, Web manga created by Yayoiso is finally going to be near the end as well. ReLife is rumored to be finished on chapter the 222th later. ReLife itself has now reached chapter the 217th.

Manga ReLife has been adapted into anime that aired on 2 July to 24 September 2016. In addition to the anime, the manga was also adapted into the 19459004 live-action film entitled and released on 15 April 2017.

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<p style= Manga ReLife tells of a 27-year-old man named Kaizaki Arata who became a NEET (unemployed) after 3 months quit his job on the grounds "the job can not exclude its highest potential ". Because of this he has difficulty getting a job and being a part-time worker in a mini market.

One day, he meets a mysterious man named Yoake who offers work by being the subject of the ReLife experiment. This experiment will make Arata become 17 years old again and require her to live life as a high school student. The purpose of this experiment is to make the subjects feel a young experience again to know what is wrong with the subject's life.

For those of you who have read his manga would have known how this ReLife story goes on. There is plot twist here and there with various intriguing youth dramas and also a deep impression of life in it.

Obviously, I do not want to give a lot of spoilers about this manga, but for those of you who have already read it, surely you will be anxious with ending from this manga. Will it be sad ending or happy ending ? The chapter of the self-released 217 is enough to baper the readers. Well, hopefully it will eventually fit what we expect.

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