The Old Beginning of Rupture, Who Are The Newest Shichibukai Candidates?

The composition of Shichibukai animal motifs has been dilapidated for many reasons. Whether it's betrayal, love, and Monkey D. Luffy. Shichibukai depravity seems inevitable by the World Government …

… if only they re-collect new members! This World Government-funded organization still has the opportunity to recruit potential pirate pirates to assist them in fighting other marine criminals!

The ascension of Luffy into the equivalent of Yonko is a new trigger for the bounty hunters! When the Straw Hat pirates motivate the newcomers to adventure, on the one hand it also burns the emotions of the impatient parties to stop it!

With these potential figures coloring the Shichibukai, who is fit to fill those vacant positions? 5 This character has a much higher capability to occupy the Shichibukai position!


Want to know who they are? Find the answer on the next page!

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