The New Power of Goku Really Exists in the Real World!




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Dragon Ball Super episode 110 introduces us to the new power of Goku: Ultra Instinct! Do you know that this power really exists in the real world?

Yes, for those of you who have watched [DragonBallSuperepisode110] surely you have witnessed Goku's amazing new power. Previously, Goku's new powers had a lot of his non-official names (one of which was Mastery of Self Movement ). Now, the new power has its official name, Ultra-Instinct (in Japanese called 身 勝 手 の 極 意 Migatte no Gokui / Egoism Essential Point ). Is it really Ultra Instinct ?

As described earlier, Ultra Instinct is a state in which the user's body can move automatically when attacked or when attacked without having to think. Their bodies will adapt automatically in all battles. In the manga / anime Dragon Ball Super alone, Whis is the first character known to master this technique. Then, he taught it to Beerus. Uniquely, Beerus himself has not mastered the technique. This technique itself was first mentioned the moment before Frieza rose again and attacked the earth ( Golden Frieza arc ).

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For Goku's own case, it is still unknown how he can earn Ultra Instinct . To be sure, with this technique, Goku gains a power that is even way above x20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken and can keep up with Jiren though not for long.

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Uniquely, this technique is similar to the existing martial concept in the real world named Mushin (無心 lit. "Empty Mind" ). Mushin is a mental state called only available by highly trained fighters. Mushin itself is short for Mushin no Shin ie "mind without mind" or "empty of mind" -in other words, a soul not controlled by thought or emotion and open to all things .

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