The Mother of the Galak But Attention! Check out the Facts of Nine Temari Here!

To all of you fans Naruto who does not know Temari? Of course almost everyone knows who Temari is, yes. Currently, he is a resident of Konoha village, having been the wife of Shikamaru Nara, yet, while he is still a Suna villager, fans have also started to like this character.

Although many like Temari's character, he unfortunately rarely appears in the anime and manganya. However, there are some interesting facts Temari to lift. You know what Temari's facts are? Check out here!

1. The First Child of the Fourth Kazekage

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<p> This is arguably a common Temari fact, yes. Temari is the first of three children, and they are the children of the Fourth Kazekage, Rasa, and his wife, Karura. Among the three of them, practically, only Gaara is special, because he is able to become Jinchuriki Shukaku, while his two older siblings, Temari and Kankuro can not. </p>
<p> As a sister, Temari wants to mingle with her siblings, especially Gaara, but because the father is very strict and also firm, so he forbids Temari and Kankuro to meet or play along with Gaara. </p>
<p> Unlike Kankuro who is more "relaxed" and does not take his father's bad command, Temari is disturbed and pity with Gaara's condition, unfortunately he can not resist. Having a younger brother of a Jinchuriki, Temari also had trouble finding peers when he was a child. </p>

Not that he does not have friends as a child. Temari befriended Yome and Sen when they were kids. Yome and Sen are characters in the filler episode which tells of the Chuunin exam. Besides, there was one other Temari's little friend who to Temari sucks, who is she?

His friend is Daimaru. He appeared in the form of Edo Tensei in the Fourth World War, and immediately met the four divisions of Temari in it. Daimaru as a child, often disturbs Temari, and mengahilinya, without fear of Temari status as a child Kazekage. Apparently, he also likes Temari since childhood!

What is Naruto's response to Temari? There are many other Temari facts, check the next page.

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