The Most Dangerous DIO Followers Rank on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3


The DIO followers who appeared in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3 were practically very much. Who is the most dangerous of them all?

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders is quite long. Even the number of episodes exceeds adaptation Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency combined. In each of these episodes, Jotaro and his friends had to face the DIO followers who tried to hinder their pace.

DIO itself is obviously very dangerous. The reason he has a very overpowered The World. Combined with the physical vampire, DIO was able to stop time very long. Even Jotaro who later had Star Platinum: The World also could not stop the time during DIO.

But DIO is also supported by the men who made sure Jotaro's journey was looking for DIO so it took a month more.

Keep in mind: the only thing discussed here is DIO's followers of Stardust Crusaders . Otherwise, Enrico Pucci of Stone Ocean is clearly supposed to enter. In addition, this discussion also contains spoiler so be careful.



Mannish Boy

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Achievements: Almost defeats all the protagonists Stardust Crusaders.

Starting at number five, the list of DIO followers is filled by fighters who stifled the pace of Jotaro and his comrades in Egypt. But in their journey before that there were some enemies to be reckoned with. For example Hol Horse, who could make Avdol injury and leave the team.

But ultimately the author gives this position to Mannish Boy. The booth of this magical baby can be considered very cheating, because it can strike at the dream. If the dreamer is not getting ready, they can get stuck in the world of Stand Death 13 without a Stand.

The thing is, getting ready is also difficult. Even if you can wake up from the dream of Creation Death 13, you will forget everything that happens there. Untung Kakyoin can outsmart this, otherwise Mannish Boy can give a humiliating defeat to all the main characters Stardust Crusaders .



Achievements: Merasuki Polnareff, capable of being faster than Star Platinum

This unloved stand successfully bothered Polnareff, and then Jotaro, in the face of them. At first Polnareff was able to defeat the first user of Anubis against him: Chaka. But when Anubis permeated Khan, it was revealed that Anubis was able to learn the techniques used to defeat him.

Anubis' ability to study then proved so great that he could become faster than Star Platinum. This threat then becomes double because he possessed Polnareff. He can make Chaka and Khan the only ordinary Egyptian to become a swordsman. Once held by Polnareff who knows swordsmanship, and owns Silver Chariot as well, Jotaro even pressed.

But that's a new opener. You can continue reading the greatest DIO followers on page two and three!

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