The List of Saint Bronze Teachers in Saint Seiya, Some Use Balinese Leak Mask!

Behind one's success, there must be a teacher, mentor, or coach behind him that makes him great, including the teachers Bronze Saint who trained Seiya and his four companions.

They are great characters who have trained Seiya and others since they have not obtained their own Bronze armor.

Who are these Saint Bronze teachers? Check out the following list, because we will start from the teacher Pegasus Seiya, namely:

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<p> The first Saint Bronze Master is Marin, a Silver Saint woman from Japan who has a suit of armor based on the constellation Aquila, hence his name is Eagle Marin. </p>
<p> Seiya is training to become Saint under the guidance of Eagle Marin. The training location is in Greece. Seiya and Eagle Marin have good teacher and student relationships, but there is one event where they are at different angles. </p>
<p> At that time, Gemini Saga, one of the Gold Saint chants as Pope, and orders the Silver Saint to kill the treacherous Bronze Saint (Seiya and the others). But this conflict ended because all the lies were revealed. Eagle Marin also helps Seiya to survive, by giving his mask. </p>
<p> The face of the Eagle Marin is shown, but not with his eyes. However, in the toy version of Myth Cloth, there is a visible version of Eagle Marin's face. </p>
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Pegasus Seiya and Eagle Marin are portrayed very closely and intimately, even rumors that Pegasus Seiya and Eagle Marin are two separate brothers. However, Pegasus Seiya's older sister is Seika, and has been separated since they were small.

Many believe that Eagle Marin is Seika, even Seiya herself. This is based on several facts, such as the shape of an Eagle Marin body similar to Seika, the "spontaneous" proximity between the two, and the Eagle Marin never shows his face, like hiding his own identity.

As a disciple, Seiya adopted some of the moves of the Eagle Marin, for example Pegasus Ryusei Ken, in which Ryusei Ken or Boxing Meteor was one of the abilities of the Eagle Marin.

Of all the Bronze Saint on this list, only Pegasus Seiya is the only Bronze Saint who has a female teacher.

Next, there are still other Bronze Saint teachers from Cygnus Hyoga and Dragon Shiryu! Curious about the teachers of the Bronze Saint? Check out the next page!

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