The Hidden Story Behind the Pipe on the Page Playing Doraemon


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<h4> Ever baseball hell did you wonder what a pile of piles on the playground is Doraemon, Nobita, et al? It turns out the pipes have a long history. Curious? Check out the following explanation! </h4>
<p> For Doraemon loyal fans, must often see a pile of gray pipe on the page playing Nobita and friends. Giant often used it as a singing stage and Nobita also wore it to hide from the pursuit of Giant and Suneo. </p>
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If we look more closely, the page plays Nobita et al. it is actually a vacant lot waiting to be built on it. Meanwhile, the gray pipe is a concrete pipe that is commonly used for the construction of waterways.

But, for decades Doraemon accompany all of us, the question arises: that pipe has been decades still still mangkrak? Contractor how anyway?

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<p> It turned out that the presence of the pipe in the playground Doraemon has a hidden and shocking history behind it. </p>
<p> It all started from the time of Japan's economic miracle after World War II. At that time, Japan received a lot of help from the United States. The Japanese government also invested the aid for the infrastructure sector, including the drainage system. </p>
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In the 1960s, Japanese society massively left the WC flush and rolled over to replace it with a toilet. So for that need, the Japanese government used a lot of pipes (Dokan) to modernize their sewer lines

Due to the large number of projects being deployed, the pipes are often stacked and placed on vacant pages for a while. After that, as many of the children who did not have access to the playground, they chose the patchwork: blank pages, and of course piles of pipe.

Source: densho-sha

Using these pipes instead of playing tools is actually quite dangerous as well. There were many cases at that time where children were stricken and crushed by pipes much larger than their bodies. But yes his name is also children, dokan it continues to be used so it becomes a habit.

Beginning in the 1990s until now, when the Japanese economy began to stagnate and modernization was uneven, the pipes had already begun to rare its appearance.

Did you know that the story of this pipe also affects popular games? Read the discussion on the second page.


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