The First Mission of Boruto Begins! Just like the plot of Zabuza?


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<h4 class= Dealing with the bridge? Missing mission level, but revealed higher difficulty level? Boruto's first mission path that began in Boruto episode 40 has much in common with the plot of Zabuza first!

Finally, the first episode Boruto in 2018 is present! After last week's holiday, Boruto episode 40 is present. The impression this time began to show the serious consequences of a shinobi's mission.

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Obviously, the discussion Boruto episode 40 contains spoiler . If you are actually still looking for the episode and do not want to get a leak, you enter the wrong article.

If you do not mind leaking, or have your own episode, read the reviews below!



First Mission Team 10

Before we discuss the first mission of Team 7, let's first highlight another important team that got the spotlight on Boruto this 40th episode: Team 10.

This new generation Ino-Shika-Cho team gets a mission to escort a rich woman. Chocho can fit in with her, but Inojin and Shikadai are guys obviously upset about having to accompany the shopping and walking client.

Shikamaru looks worried about his son while talking to Naruto in this episode. If he knows what happened to Shikadai, maybe he'll just laugh.

Clearly, Team 10's mission is much different than Team 7's mission, which is really serious.


Serious Mission Team 7

The first briefing that Team 7 obtained, the client village asked the shinobi to help deal with the bandits. This mission is considered to be handled by one jonin and the trio team of genin.

The information is false.

The real mission faced by Team 7 is: they must protect the deed which contains the ownership rights over the bridge. Not assorted, those who target the deed is deploying high-level shinobi. So tall as to Boruto who was able to face Shizuma alone nearly died quickly.


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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Pingin plays a team Sarada with Sasuke era Shippuden? Or Boruto with Naruto era Shippuden? You can do that in Ninja Voltage! Create the strongest cross-generation team to handle all enemies!

Why is this bridge so important? The toll fee from this bridge access has succeeded in supporting the economy for the village. This bridge is also the easiest access to cross the ravine. So there are actually many reasons why there are opportunistic parties who are after him.

But … a mission that turns out to be level B? Is there a bridge involved? The enemy is a top-level shinobi? Many similarities of Boruto's first mission to the events of the past, when Team 7 previously dealt with the problems that led to their conflict with Zabuza.

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