The First Concert of Do As Infinity in Singapore is a Great Success!


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<h4> For those of you who have been fond of anime since the 90s, must be very familiar with the name of this group duo, Do As Infinity. Do As Infinity is known through his songs for popular anime of antiquity such as <em> Inuyasha </em> for example. </h4>
<p> Do As Infinity fronted by Tomiko Van as vocalist and Ryo Owatari as the guitarist on September 23rd at Capitol Theater, successfully held his first solo concert titled Do As Infinity 1st Live in Singapore. Before the concert, two members of Do As Infinity also attended the <em> press conference </em> greeted the media crew. </p>
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<p> The concert opened with the first song titled 'Alive', his new song which was just released in 2017 as well. Then directly connected with their old song entitled Boukenshatachi. From there, they continue to bring songs full of memories. For example, a song called Rakuen, which is used in the anime <em> Inuyasha </em>followed by other songs such as Shinjitsu no Uta, Fukai Mori, Tooku Made, and so on. For the curious, here is a <em> setlist </em> song performed by Do As Infinity for his first concert in Singapore: </p>
<p style= 1. Alive
2. Boukenshatachi (冒 険 者 た ち)
3. Desire
4. Week!
5. Oasis
6. Rakuen (楽 園)
7. Hi no ataru sakamichi (陽 の あ た る 坂 道)
8. Chikai (誓 い)
9. TAO
10. Shinjitsu no uta (真 実 の 詩)
11. Fukai Mori (深 い 森)
12. Yesterday & Today
13. Tooku Made (遠 く ま で)
14. Mysterious Magic
15. Ariadone no Ito (ア リ ア ド ネ の 糸)
16. Kimi ga inai mirai (君 が い な い 未来)
17. Honkitsu wa seiten nari (本 日 ハ 晴天 ナ リ)
Encore 1. Hiiragi (柊)

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