The Fate of Sumire Kakei After the Academy Revealed!


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<h4 style= Sumire Kakei did not take the chunin exam. What happened to this girl? Apparently manga Boruto 18 reveals the answer!

Discussion manga Boruto 18 this can be felt as spoiler for who only watches his anime. Because the incident in this manga occurred after the fight against Momoshiki, while in the anime Boruto has not even graduated Academy.

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Answer The Fate of Sumire Kakei

When Sumire Kakei is revealed as the mastermind of the Ghost plot, many think he will end up like a filler character. After the plot has ended, it will disappear and never be mentioned again.

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The reason, Sumire is not seen in the chunin test version movie . Ghost's own groove was felt as filler, and it is possible that Sumire will be expelled from the Academy for his mistake. In the manga also he never appeared.

However it turns out that Boruto 18 confirmed that Sumire was not a [filler] [1945900]] figure.

Sumire never took a chūnin exam because he ultimately preferred to be a staff member at Katasuke's lab.

In terms of combat ability, Sumire is among the most honed of all the Academy's students. Especially since he actually still has ties with Nue.

But that ability he got because his father regards him as an instrument of revenge. It seems that ultimately Sumire decided to actually carve out its own path, not as a fighter but a staffer in the development of ninja technology.


New Style of Ninja Battle

Not only brought Katasuke alone, it turned out that Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki were given the opportunity to test the new technology of the scientist.

One of them you can see above. Sarada (who must fight two versus one) managed to reverse the situation by using a light grenade.

They also had time to try inventions such as a sound eraser, gloves to climb flat wall surfaces, and so on.

Manga Boruto 18 This asserts that Katasuke is indeed basically a good person. Boruto might have had a bad experience with the scientist, because Katasuke had been the victim of Kara's genjutsu in the chunin exam. The genjutsu made Katasuke's character more semberono than usual.

Yet now, after Katasuke – supposedly – is already liberated, she also shows her true nature. Even Sumire also asserted that he trusted Katasuke and respect for him.

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