The Facts of Kisame Hoshigaki, The Samehada Reliable User


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<h4> Do you already know Kisame Hoshigaki the user of Kisame's sword? Check out the following Kisame Hoshigaki facts! </h4>
<p> Kisame Hoshigaki is one of the most famous Ninja characters in the Naruto <em> series </em>. Kisame was introduced as a Ninja sword user from Kirigakure, as well as one member of Akatsuki along with his partner, Itachi Uchiha. </p>
<p> We all know that Kisame is a Samehada sword user from Kirigakure, however, do you know other Kisame Hoshigaki facts? Check out the facts below! </p>
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<p> Despite having a terrible appearance, it turns out that Kisame is one of the most loyal and devoted to his mission and organization, including the Akatsuki organization as well as the village of Kirigakure, his birthplace. </p>
<p> The secret is something important, that's what Kisame always thinks. Might Guy and even Naruto just acknowledge Kisame's loyalty to Akatsuki when he prefers suicide rather than leaking information to the enemy. </p>
<p> Similar things he had done before, before joining Akatsuki. Previously, Kisame was a member of the Password Division or messaging code in Kirigakure, and he worked under the supervision of Fuguki Suikazan, a Samehada user before Kisame. </p>
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While on a mission, Kisame can build a relationship with one of the women of the division. Unfortunately, their team was ambushed by the Konoha Ninja led by Ibiki, the Chuunin exam supervisor in the Naruto era.

Not wanting any information from this division to leak into another village, he even chose to kill his friends, including previous women. After all he did, killing his own team, Fuguki sold the information to another village.

Of course Kisame who is very loyal to the mission does not accept with this, and without exception, he kills Fuguki and takes Samehada. Yagura (who controlled Obito) saw Kisame's allegiance to Kirigakure.

He also met with "Madara" and told the story of Jutsu Mugen Tsukuyomi. Therefore Kisame joins Akatsuki, and becomes a runaway Ninja.

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