The Facts of Hanabi Hyuga The Strong and Cheerful Successor of the Clan!

Hanabi Hyuga, the second daughter of Hiashi Hyuga as well as the younger brother of Hinata Hyuga turned out to have some facts that are a pity to miss! Hanabi's own character already has its own fans, even since its appearance in the first Naruto Naruto series prior to entering into Naruto Shippuden .

Not only in the Naruto series, since Hanabi is related to the main character in the Boruto series, which is the aunt of the main character, therefore he is reappeared, and many fans new. Intrigued by the facts of Hanabi Hyuga the successor to a powerful, and cheerful clan? Let's see here.

Previously, if you liked Hanabi Hyūga characters, try to write in the comment field, what makes you like this character? All right, let's get started.


Unlike the Brother's

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<p> We start from a very common, that is Hanabi Hyūga's differences with his brother. Hanabi and Hinata have a very visible difference, maybe what makes him look just the shape of his face and his eyes only. This distinction also comes from various aspects, such as nature, personality, and also some external appearance. </p>
<p> Hanabi's character is very cheerful at the moment, but before, she looks gloomy and much more quiet as a child, the reason we will discuss in the next point. The joy of a Hanabi is different from Hinata who from childhood until married is still quiet and quiet. </p>
<p> Speaking of personality, Hanabi is also very confident in his abilities and physical appearance, while Hinata may never consider himself beautiful, and always pessimistic with himself. </p>
<p> From outward appearance, Hanabi herself comments on Hinata in the movie <em> Naruto: The last </em>. According to him, Hinata is not very fashionable, and only dressed in ordinary clothes which would not appeal to men (in this case is Naruto). </p>
<p> Hanabi herself wore a traditional dress that is a kimono, but still with the current model in its era, therefore Hanabi also confident in the style of clothes that she wore. </p>
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Wants More Closer with His Brother

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<p> As a child, Hanabi is like any other sister, who wants to play and be spoiled with her brother, especially both of them are women. Unfortunately, since childhood Hinata has been trained hard by the father to become a successor to the clan, while Hanabi just watch it at that time. </p>
<p> The two do not often spend time together, plus there is no longer a mother figure in this family, and there is only a hard father and grandfather who became friends telling Hanabi. Because of this, Hanabi became more quiet as a child. </p>
<p> Like Hanabi, since childhood Hinata also wanted to play with her sister like most other siblings, but the task of this esteemed family is much heavier and demands Hinata's little time compared to having to play with her sister </p>
<p> Hence both grow with distance as small, but can become friends again in <em> Naruto Shippuden </em>. </p>
<h4> <strong> On the front page, there is a Hanabi fact that affects the future and its soul mate! What is that? Let's check on the second page! </strong> </h4>
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