The fact of Ao, the Byakugan of Kirigakure who is Not Dead!


Do you remember Ao from Kirigakure who has a Byakugan eye? Here are the facts of Ao that you may not yet know.

In the anime and manga stories Naruto there is one character we know quite well, entering the storyline of the five kage encounter, Ao from Kirigakure. This character is quite famous for being the bodyguard of the Fifth Mizukage, Mei Terumi.

Did you know that it turns out he has not died in a ten-tailed attack! Here are some facts of Ao from Kirigakure which the author has summarized.


Mizukage Guard with Mizukage Candidate

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<p style= We start from the most common. Ao is the bodyguard of the Fifth Mizukage, Mei Terumi. He escorted the Mizukage with a young man who would later carry on his mandate as the Sixth Mizukage, Chojuro.

Together with Chojuro, this Mizukage protector is complete. Ao is a sensor-type Ninja, and Chojuro is the type of attacker, then the security of the Mizukage can be assured. Especially if the Mizukage also intervened.

Not only became the bodyguard of the Fifth Mizukage, it turns out he was also a bodyguard along with the sixth Mizukage candidate, Chojuro. Had his fate not been so bad, there was the possibility of Ao also gaining a high position in Kirigakure.


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War Veterans

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<p style= Not a haphazard Ninja, Ao is one of the war veterans of Kirigakure. He has participated from many missions. In addition, he was also involved in a major Ninja incident, the Third Ninja World War.

As a veteran as well as a sensor type, Ao is a reliable hunter. He can trace his enemies from the ravages, even before he gets the Byakugan's eyes belonging to the Hyuuga family.

Having already become a war veteran and experiencing many things, he also often preaches Chojuro things related to the fight, and the attitude that must be taken by a real man.

However, some of Ao's lectures for Chojuro are sometimes perceived differently by Mei the Mizukage, who always connects him to marital problems. The reason is because May is old, but not yet have a partner, therefore he is easily offended.

Not only track, Ao is also a great Ninja in close-range combat, even she's been against Uchiha members! Check on next page.


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