The Darkest Time of the Straw Hats


Sanji starts cooking cakes that can ease Big Mom's anger at One Piece 880. But is he too late to save Luffy and the others?

Discussion One Piece This 880 contains spoilers especially for those of you who prefer to wait for the animated version. So for those who do not want to get leaked, are expected to be careful before reading the follow up reviews.

For those who have read or do not care spoiler, it is of course no problem to listen to the discussion below.



Sai's Matchmaking Trouble

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In the previous chapter, Sai allowed herself to be beaten by her ex-mate from an arranged marriage because she broke the deal. But fortunately Sai found Baby 5, because this woman was indeed problematic.

Unmitigated, he already has 25 husbands before this. At least, unlike Big Mom, her 25-year-old husband is willing to live in this polyandry relationship. They seem to faithfully serve Uholicia like workers at host club .

Uholicia might be able to give the Happo Navy fleet a great benefit. But for Sai's happiness, Baby 5 is strong, beautiful, and also very loyal (especially after what Sai did in Dressrosa), she obviously has chosen a better partner.


The Process of Cooking the Cake Has Begun

Pudding, Sanji, and Chiffon finally reach the destination island. They can begin the process of cooking a substitute wedding cake totally ruined (and also eaten in part) by Luffy.

Pudding takes advantage of his memory manipulation skills to make all the crew chefs work without problems. There is also no sign that Charlotte Smoothie, the only Sweet Commander who has not fought yet, will be annoying. But what about the cake itself? Can they make yesterday's cakes with the remaining supplies?

It turns out to be. Sanji was able to draw a perfect cake diagram, complete with a touch of secret feeling that was given by Strausen. Remarkably, he already knew the shape of the cake, but he could dissect the taste and raw ingredients of the cake by just smelling the aroma.

Undoubtedly, Sanji was able to make a cake that could distract Big Mom. But what if he's late?

What problem does the Straw Hats face? Check the advanced discussion One Piece 880 on the second page!


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