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After the very-very-pitched 900 chapter, One Piece 901 finally gives an answer as to what happened to the Straw Hats.

Now, it seems we have entered the final stories of the Whole Cake Island groove. What will happen in the next chapter? You can read the author's opinion in the prediction One Piece 902.

But before: as the title suggests, this is an article of speculation. What is listed here is not the official spoiler from chapter 902. If the author is lucky, the contents may be partially true. Sometimes the result will be completely missed.

Even so, to make this prediction the author keeps using the previous chapters as a consideration. So for those who have not read chapter 901, this One Piece 902 prediction could contain spoiler . Be careful if you are actually anti-leak and incorrect entry into this article.




Those Who Are Still in Danger



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<p> The author really feels you do not have to think about the fate of the Straw Hats now. Jinbe's efforts, Aladine, and the group of Sun pirates seem to make sure that Luffy really gets away from the island. </p>
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While the Thousand Sunny seems to be escaping, and the Bege family also managed to stay undetected, last seen Germa 66 still trapped in the middle of Cocoa Island. Judge also can not carelessly leave his children, because Charlotte Snack had boarded the carrier.

Has the injured Judge been able to face Snack? Snack itself had previously been conquered by Urouge, so Judge might be able to do it. Especially since this duel happened on his ship. You could say, Snack and Big Mom's crew are in Germa 66 now. It may take a great sacrifice, but the author feels in the end Snack and others can be removed.

So what about the other Judge kids?

They are also in a difficult situation. But according to the authors, the key to their safety is the absence of an Oven on Cocoa Island. Ovens leave the island to help handle the Straw Hats in the ocean. In the absence of the Daifuku-Oven-Katakuri twin trio, the chance to survive the Vinsmoke family is likely to increase. Especially since there is still one more figure on Cocoa Island that could pave the way for them.

Last seen, Sulong Pekoms was paralyzed before he could transform perfectly. (He still has common sense when beaten and want to be gouged out by the sons and daughters of Big Mom). If the Vinsmoke family could give Pekoms time, whether intentionally or not, at least the tantrums of Sulong Pekoms might have opened the way for the Vinsmoke family to escape.

Then who will help Pekoms? It's also interesting, because the author imagines only two people who can calm Pekoms when he's lost his mind: Pedro and Luffy. Luffy's gone, so will Pekoms definitely fight to lose his life? Or was Pedro still alive and helping his former crew?

In addition to the Vinsmoke and Pekoms families, a figure still in danger is of course Jinbe and the sun pirate group. The author feels there is a chance they will be shown urged, to make the reader worried. However later in Wano Jinbe will at least appear to provide unexpected relief facing the Beast pirate group.

Thousand Sunny may steer clear of Whole Cake Island, but those on Cocoa Island are still under threat of Big Mom. Consider advanced prediction One Piece 902 on the second page!

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